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"Inspired by a true story"

The movie Flyboys takes place during World War I. While this war wages on in Europe with England and Germany, a small group of American soldiers decide to volunteer their lives and join in the fight with their French allies as they fight for freedom. These American soldiers have come from across the United States and are ready and willing to throw all caution to the wind and fight for a good cause, even though their country is known for constantly getting involved with war across Europe. As these soldiers arrive in France, they are assigned to a new squadron ordered by Captain Thenault and a season American pilot named Reed Cassidy. Unfortunately, these soldiers receive no encouragement nor any motivation from their fellow comrades, but each of these soldiers shares a passion and the drive to serve and protect all in the name of freedom as they create history by embarking in an adventure that will make its way into the history books.

Action, Adventure, Drama, History, Romance, War
| | 55 min | 6.6/10
James Franco, Martin Henderson, David Ellison, Jennifer Decker, Jean Reno
Tony Bill

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