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| | 55 min | Documentary, Drama, Action & Adventure

The film entitled Flyboys is that was during the first World War covering aspects such as racism, vengeance as well as love. The film is centered on the experiences of a group of American youths who volunteer as fighter pilots during World War I. Just before the war begins, all the youths go to France for various individual reasons. Blaine joins the group because of the challenges his family business is going through at the time and about to close down. Briggs joins the team because he wants to be away from his father who is so domineering and arrogant. Skinner joins the team because he is trying to pay back the French government who had just given him the opportunity to be an athlete in France. Captain Georges is in charge of taking care of this group of young volunteers and Cassidy is their mentor.

The training process is very challenging for the volunteers as they see themselves struggling with the act of flying as well as the aerial dog fights. Blaine comes across a young lady known as Lucienne with whom he starts a relationship.

These youths go out on their first assignment to guard two bombers sent to attack one of the German depots. On their way they are attacked by the Germans and two of the pilots are killed. Cassidy is injured during an attack on the huge German airship by the Black Falcon but he succeeds in destroying the airship.

Blaine is raised to the position of commander after the first mission and he goes for another mission to accompany four bombers to the same depot. During the attack some American pilots are killed including Briggs. After the mission Blaine is sent to another one to take vengeance on the Black Falcon whereby him and his team succeed in defeating the Falcon.

The characters in the film include James Franco as Blaine, Martin Henderson as Cassidy, Jean Reno as Captain Georges, Abdul Salis as Skinner, Philip Winchester, and Tyler Labine as Briggs.

Ian Rose, James Franco, Martin Henderson, Jennifer Decker, Jean Reno
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