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| | 1 hr 55 min | Comedy, Drama, Musical, Music, Romance, Family

The Pink Ladies and the T-Birds are back together again! If you loved the upbeat romance of Sandy and Danny in Grease you will love the story of Stephanie and Michael in Grease 2 even more. Stephanie is the leader of Rydell High's Pink Ladies and with the start of the year she does the unimaginable; she leaves Johnny the leader of the T-Birds after feeling she has "outgrown" him.

With the rest of the Pink Ladies and T-Birds falling in love around her, Stephanie has the idea of the perfect guy in her head and that's not Michael the clean-cut British transfer student and Sandy's little cousin. But after a bowling alley bet Stephanie that leads Stephanie to kissing the next guy who walks to through the door, Michael, his want for her grows even more even though he knows he can't date a Pink Lady without being a T-Bird first. When Stephanie lets Michael know he doesn't measure up to what she needs in her solo song "Cool Rider" he decides to become just that.

Michael debuts as the "Cool Rider" when the rival motorcycle gang challenges the T-Birds at the bowling alley before the fight starts and saves the T-Birds from losing sorely. Keeping his identity secret he sweeps Stephanie off her feet as the biker but continues to strike out with her as just Michael.

With a jealous Johnny and an upcoming talent show, Stephanie falls harder and harder for her "cool rider" and starts to build a friendship with Michael as he helps her work on her English homework. Just before the talent show Michael the biker promises to meet her outside the school the night of the show in order to tell her his true identity. But he doesn't get the chance as the rest of the T-Birds, led by Johnny chase him to what is believed to be his death.

But Michael shows up again to save the day at the luau and finally reveals his true identity and wins Stephanie completely and his T-Bird jacket.

Song numbers include: "Back to School Again", "Score Tonight", "A Girl for All Seasons", "Prowling", "Will Be Together", "Let's Do It for Our Country", "Charades", and "Reproduction".

Maxwell Caulfield, Michelle Pfeiffer, Adrian Zmed, Christopher McDonald, Pamela S. Adlon
Patricia Birch
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Grease 2
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