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| | 1 hr 55 min | Crime, Drama, History

Stavisky is a biopic that follows the exploits of con-artist Serge Stavisky aka Stavisky. This small time swindler would find himself making friends with some of the richest members of French nobility while also supporting himself by making people believe that he was much wealthier that he really was. Using his connections he was able to swindle millions of francs that almost lead to a civil war breaking out over the missing money. The irresistible charm that Stavisky had allowed for him to work his way into some of France's most elite circles until being exposed as a fraud in the tail end of the 1930s.

Jean-Paul Belmondo, Francois Perier, Anny Duperey, Michael Lonsdale, Claude Rich
Alain Resnais
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