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The television series entitled Amores Verdaderos is a drama series centered on the life, accomplishments and challenges of Victoria Balvanera. She was well known since she worked for one of the biggest advertising agencies in the country as a creative director. Due to her achievements, many criminals and bandits started targeting her. On one occasion some guys went over to her agency to kidnap her.

Fortunately there was a man known as Joseph Angel there at the time. He saved Victoria's life and spared her from being kidnapped since he was very smart and had physical strength. Victoria was very grateful for what Joseph had done to save her life and for that reason she decided to make him her personal bodyguard. Joseph was reluctant to accept the position since he was not a trained bodyguard but he later on accepted the job due to other personal reasons.

Victoria's husband Nelson was also working at the same agency as Victoria as the agency's marketing manager. Nelson however was having a relationship with a famous model Kendra who was also having an affair with Salsa a guy who was the security boss at the agency. Kendra and Salsa were responsible for all the planned attacks against Victoria but nobody knew about it at the time.

Victoria and nelson had a daughter known as Nikki. She was a very spoiled little girl who was also known for her whimsical behavior. She felt abandoned by her parents who were always working so hard. She had a personal bodyguard who was hired by her mother Victoria who was so concerned about her daughter's safety.

Nikki did not like her escort at first but later on grew to like him very much and she even fell in love with him. However not long after Nikki had a rival with whom she competed for the love of her bodyguard.

The series was written by the joint efforts of Marcela Citterio and Kary Fajer. It was also created by contributions from Marcela Citterio and Enrique Estevanez. The series was directed by Salvador Ggarcini and Ricardo de la Parra.

The series comprised a total of 61 episodes each airing for 45 minutes. It was produced and distributed by Televisa Company.

Monday 9:00 PM et/pt on Univision
1 Season, 182 Episodes - Currently Airing
November 6, 2012
Amores Verdaderos
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  • A Kendra le espera una terrible agonía y Aníbal por fin pagar'á por sus crímenes. Las Balvanera finalmente encuentran la anhelada felicidad.

  • Victoria da a luz a su bebé y José Angel recupera la vista por la alegría de ser padre. Kendra descubre que Salsero le tendió una trampa.

  • Kendra cumple su amenaza y asesina a Nelson. Salsero confiesa su antigua alianza con Kendra y todos los crímenes que cometieron juntos.

  • Adriana y Vicente denuncian a Aníbal, pero logra escaparse de las autoridades. José Angel se queda ciego por el dolor.

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