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The creative team behind the cable television network MTV decided to branch out with several scripted television shows. On July 19, 2011, the network premiered the teen show Awkward. The series focuses on Jenna Hamilton. She is 15 years old and struggling to fit in with other teens her age.

During the first episode, Jenna is in the bathroom when she suffers a mishap. The incident causes everyone to believe that she tried to commit suicide. At first, Jenna’s mortification by the misunderstanding is overwhelming. However, when the other students begin to notice her at school, she uses the accident to increase her popularity.

Viewers also discover that Jenna lost her virginity during summer camp to Matty, a boy she likes. Once she realizes that he doesn’t want his friends to see them together, she realizes that she made a mistake. Later, Jenna and Matty begin seeing each other, but he insists on keeping it a secret.

Jenna is best friends with Tamara. The two girls have trouble with their relationship, but by the end of the season, they are still best friends. Tamara has a crush on Ricky Schwartz who plays in the band. Unfortunately, for Tamara, Ricky is chauvinistic and popular with the girls.

Jenna is also best friends with Ming Huang. With strict Chinese parents, Ming is a sensible girl who is supportive of her friends. Jenna’s adversary is Sadie. She is one of the most popular girls at school despite a weight problem that causes her to feel insecure.

Jenna is sympathetic to Sadie’s insecurities, but the popular girl refuses to accept Jenna’s help and assumes she is playing mean girl pranks.

Jenna’s mother, Lacey, was just a teenager when Jenna was born. Lacey’s love of plastic surgery began early as she used her college money to have a breast enhancement. She is superficial and struggling to raise her daughter. Jenna’s father, Kevin, is her dependable parent and supports his daughter when she faces challenges.

Awkward depicts teen life with accuracy and humor. The show is MTV’s sleeper hit, and Jenna’s sarcastic voice-over is wildly entertaining. Professional reviewers like the show, and parents who watch the show with their teens will find an abundance of teachable moments as the series depicts sex and crudeness.

The show’s talented actors are an asset, and with its mix of drama and comedy, Awkward is a series that will that will appeal to teens and their parents.

Monday 10:00 PM et/pt on MTV
5 Seasons, 96 Episodes - Currently Airing
July 19, 2011
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Awkward. Full Episode Guide

  • In the season finale, Jenna must choose between Luke or Matty.

  • With assistance from Luke, Jenna secures an important meeting at SCU and Tamara reveals the truth about her money woes. Jenna is faced with a major dilemma.

  • After a fight with Luke, Jenna decides to go to her camp reunion.

  • Jenna goes public with Luke, and Tamara's debt comes back to haunt her.

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