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Battle of the Bods is a reality show that originally aired on the Fox Reality Channel. This show as based on a similar British show known as Hot Tub Ranking. The show aired from December 29, 2007 to August 8, 2009. The show was cancelled in 2009 when the Fox Reality Channel ceased to exist. The show ended its run with three seasons and 36 episodes.

Battle of the Bods followed the same format for every episode. Every episode was a competition between five women. The amount of money they won was based on the rankings. The women would rank themselves, and three hidden men would also rank the women. The women win money for how close their rankings match the men's rankings. The first two rounds focused on the judges ranking a single body part. The final round was reserved for an overall ranking of the women's looks. The judges always followed a specific theme, such as reality television stars or gay men. The show was hosted by Olivia Lee.

Much of the conflict arose from the rankings assigned by the judges. Many of the women would get angry if the judges gave them a low ranking. Even more conflict arose when the women had to decide on their own rankings. Each round usually results in an argument between the contestants over who deserved to be in what ranking. After the show many of the women would complain that they were forced into a lower ranking by the group, and that it was not deserved. At the end of the show the women were given the opportunity to rank the men for an opportunity to win more money. In this phase, the women had to get all of the rankings correct to win $5,000. If they got a single spot incorrect, then they would leave with no money.

In the end, this show will appeal to people looking for a lot of drama and arguing. Each episode of this three-season series had no shortage of beautiful women arguing and fighting over ratings. Although the show has been cancelled, it provided more than enough drama for several reality shows.

Saturday 10:00 PM et/pt on FOX Reality
3 Seasons, 38 Episodes - Returning Series
Reality, Game Show
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  • The girls try to ranks themselves like a team of Businessmen.

  • The women try to rank themselves similarly to a team of Metrosexuals.

  • A group of Cheerleaders are ranked by a team of Nerds.

  • The Girls try to match ranks with Gay Guys.

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