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Not only does Baxter take the usual high school classes, he also takes classes in stand-up comedy at Northern Star School of the Arts. The extroverted teen does what he can to stand out amid friends, studying music, dance, acting and other performing arts.

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Starz Network
1 Season, 13 Episodes
Family, Comedy
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Baxter Full Episode Guide

  • Before the performance of the musical "Cracked Glass Shoe," Baxter is dismayed when his comic support role is turned into a lead -- especially after he hears his father is attending the performance.

  • Baxter tries out for a small part in the musical and then, to tick off Marcus, decides to compete with him for the lead. Meanwhile, Emma and Jenna are competing for the same part.

  • Baxter tries to join a lyrical dance workshop to get closer to the mysterious Anya. Deven doesn't get the emotion of lyrical dance and needs Emma's help to go through with it.

  • When the musical theatre teacher has a serious creative block due to "romantic problems," Emma and Baxter have to save the day. Meanwhile, Marcus and Tassie, as the leads in the musical, are falling for each other.

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