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A boy named Oscar has a big secret that he has been keeping from everyone. Oscar's secret is that he is Nanoboy. He can transform and turn into the smallest super hero ever. He battles bacteria, viruses, and other microorganisms.The New Adventures of Nanoboy is a series that is currently running and has 1 seasons (26 episodes). The series first aired on December 20, 2008.

The New Adventures of Nanoboy is available for streaming on the website, both individual episodes and full seasons. You can also watch The New Adventures of Nanoboy on demand atAmazon, Google Play, iTunes online.

Starz Network
1 Season, 26 Episodes
December 20, 2008
Animation & Cartoon
Cast: Hillary Blazer-Doyle, Su-Ping Chio, Mark Kaufmann, Joe Murray
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The New Adventures of Nanoboy Full Episode Guide

  • Summer time is tanning time! Be sure to apply your sunscreen or else you will end up with badly burned skin like Pablo./What do poachers want with Isaac? Is he really an endangered species? Commander Flag leads the team on a rescue mission but is a little rusty on the ground.

  • 3 seemingly harmless elements can cause major mayhem when they are brought together! The Nanosquad must split up for this mission, to stop Vulco from uniting the 3 of them./What kid hasn't skinned their knee? When Tim has a skateboard wipeout, Nanoboy and the Nanosquad have to save some innocent circus goes from Tim's scab!

  • Czar Zar's elasticity reversal ray gun has gone missing! Will he work together with Nanoboy to get back his gun? Is Nanoboy willing to put aside his personal differences with Czar Zar in order to save the day?/A microbe school bus driver loses control over his vehicle after it gets hit by a surge of static electricity! Or is he really a school bus driver as Nanoboy might suspect?

  • An apple a day keeps the mafia away? When the mob takes over the super-highways of Tim's body, Nanoboy and the Nanosquad have to get things moving again, before any serious harm is done./A mysterious figure appears in the Microcosmos causing allergic reactions to Microbes wherever it goes. Is the Nanosquad spared from allergic symptoms when they confront the mysterious figure for a showdown?

  • What do you get when an egotistical pharaoh decides to build an amusement park in homage to himself? Environmental destruction! The Nanosquad have to put an end to it and save the coral reef before it's gone forever./Zombie chickens are after you! And what's worse than zombie chickens? Glamo-Rama, the washed up B-movie diva, that's what. Can Nanoboy stop her before she uses all of the Microcosmos' power for her vain plan?

  • Smarty Bot has decided that his purpose in life is to free the nanobots from the Tyranny of the Microcosmos./When a series of catastrophes link together and cause a chain reaction, the Nanosquad have to leap to action before it turns to complete chaos.

  • In an effort to get more work done, Isaac clones himself and now Nanoboy and CJ have dozens of Isaacs to deal with while a rampaging monster stomps on Asphalt City./Cloud City has some big clouds bullying other small cloud-lings when they grow big and heavy. What can our tiny superheroes do to teach these big bullies a lesson?

  • The miners of the Plax Corporation are going missing. Can Nanoboy conquer his fear of the unknown as well as the mysterious presence that's taking them?/Silence is golden. Unless you're the Doppler! There's a new villain in town and he's surfing sound waves to steal all of the money from Asphalt City. Does Nanoboy have what it takes to quiet him down?

  • Czar Zar and Isaac discover a mutual love for science that just might make them very best friends forever./Vicky's worked all day to make the perfect ice cream cake for her party, but it suddenly turns into a slushy mess. Can Nanoboy save the cake, and it's inhabitants?

  • Brains BRAINS!!!. It's a viral infection of the Microcosmos and everyone is infected - including Isaac and Nanoboy! It's up to CJ to set things right again. Can she do it alone?/Lacto has managed to find his way into Professor Stein's intestinal system and is causing serious tummy trouble. It's up to Nanoboy to flush him out and get his dad feeling better again.

  • It's time for some soccer action as team Nanosquad goes head to head with team Czar Zar to win the prestigious microcosmos cup./How would you like to be a member of the Nanosquad for a day? Well, that's just what happens to Memo. Is he up to the task?

  • The inhabitants of the Rugforest have been under a series of attacks by the wild Sheeba Amoeba and her tribe of vicious dust-mites. The Nanosquad have to stop them and restore order before it's too late./When the Bacteria Boyz move into Oscar's science tutor's mouth, the result is horrible. "There goes the neighborhood"!

  • Isaac is trouble for the Nanosquad; Microcosmos is threatened.

  • The right wardrobe is needed when ruling the Microcosmo's.

  • Yeehaa The Nanosquad go off into the wild west as Billy the Spit rides into town with his quick shot saliva./It's goo-bar madness as everyone in the Microcosmos is going crazy for this new fangles goobar.

  • Czar Zar has an evil plan to win a contest.

  • Cameron, Boris and Lucy hear of a secret underground rave and decide to go. Strangely enough, Cameron's crush Stella is there, and she's got a big surprise for him and his friends.

  • The squad encounters vampires at Sedation Island.

  • Ferro has given up crime to start his very own TV show. Itâ€ôs so popular that people are robbing banks just to give him money. Time for the Nanosquad to give him the axe./Commander Flag gets sucked up by a Mosquito and now the Nanosquad have to embark on a dangerous mission inside the belly of the beast.

  • Sweet little Kinase just wants to spend time with her superhero idol, Nanoboy. It's too bad he's too busy saving the microcosmos to have dinner with her./The Nanosquad get old when Mito steals their youth from them, just so she be pretty forever.

  • Czar Zar builds the smartest Nanobot ever; an ancient protoplasm arises to wreak havoc on Amber City.

  • All the mad scientist Mito wants to be able to do is sing perfectly. So what if she has to kidnap the best singer in the microcosmos to do so./Nanoboy gets a big ego after he defeats a giant worm all on his own. Now, without the help of his trusty Nanosquad, can he defeat 3?

  • Diamonds are the perfect present for mothers; theyâ€ôre just as perfect for creating an indestructible robot for Czar zar to rampage in./Meet Ferro, the magnetic microbe menace, mega meanie and Microcosmos mischief-maker.

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