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Benjamin the Elephant is an animated children's television show revolving around the adventures of a talking elephant called Benjamin. The series was produced in Germany and is based upon the German audio books Benjamin Blossom written by British born author, Elfie Donnelly.

Kiddinx Studios of Berlin, Germany is responsible for the production of the animated series Benjamin the Elephant. The plot of the series is that a happy, talking elephant named Benjamin takes on new jobs or finds himself in unlikely situations. The usually catalyst for Benjamin's adventures is a visit to his home in Newtown Zoo by the elephant's ten year old friend Otto; a second friend called Stella often accompanies Otto on his after school visits to the zoo. Otto and Stella have differing personalities, Stella is headstrong, while Otto is more cautious and inquisitive.

Elfie Donnelly is an award winning author in Germany; she published her first books in the 1970s and has become famous for her audio books in Germany and Austria. Her two most famous literary creations have been turned into television shows, which are Benjamin the Elephant and the story of a young witch called Bibi Blocksberg. The Bibi Blocksberg series has spawned a television series and motion pictures.

Benjamin the Elephant has been exported by Kiddinx around the world; the animation has been shown on TV networks in places as diverse as Australia and India. there are 52 aired episodes in the Benjamin the Elephant back catalog that were first broadcast in 2007.

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Benjamin The Elephant Full Episode Guide

  • Thieves In The Zoo: The zoo's cash box has been stolen! The Director is in despair - how is he going to pay for the animals' food? Benjamin and Otto set off with Carla Caramba to look for it. They use a trick to find out where the thieves are hiding and hear them planning to kidnap the lion cubs Loop and Lopp. Of course Benjamin, Otto and Carla want to put a stop to this! They decide to set a trap for the crooks in the zoo. If they are caught in the act, they are certain to reveal where the zoo's cash box is hidden.

  • Benjamin Falls in Love: Benjamin and Otto are playing leapfrog with Rocky Raccoon, Ringo Redfox and Dusty Desert Fox. It's almost as good as a circus number. Now they want to know what the animals can do in the circus which is visiting Newtown and so off they go. Otto makes friends with Carmen, the Ringmaster's daughter. And Benjamin falls in love with Marushka, the lady elephant. In order to impress her, he rehearses a great animal act with Otto in the zoo. That evening in the performance they have to show what they've learned.

  • Benjamin in India: Benjamin and Otto travel to India on a flying carpet. Where Tamira, the Maharajah of Turbanistan's favorite white elephant, is ill. Tamira keeps giggling and turning somersaults. The friends find out that two cooks at the palace are giving Tamira and the Maharajah a dangerous herb because they want to rule the land. While they are trying to prevent this, Benjamin and Otto meet a spooky temple spirit. Will they be able save the Maharajah and his favorite elephant?

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