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One of the most acclaimed shows on the Discovery Channel is one called "Build it Bigger." This show depicts some of mankind's most memorable technological achievements and how they were made, breaking down the complexity while showing that mankind if capable of producing even bigger accomplishments. As part of the "Extreme Engineering" series, this show reaches out to the technically-minded as well as those who are just interested in how things were made.

It is part of human nature to do something better than before, and this is the whole entire premise of the show. Through reverse engineering, the ways that historical achievements have come about being made are stripped to their core. That core is then rebuilt each episode showing how improvements to size and functionality can be made to the original structure.

Another great aspect of the show is that it is humorous as well as educational. Without the toilet humor and bad language found on some other semi-reality shows that have not succeeded, there is little question of the show's worth through its success. Build it Bigger features a comical narrative that is appropriate for the entire span of the family viewers, without all of the celebrity fluff that once caught the attention of viewers.

This show is for those that seek knowledge, not just simple entertainment. There is a lot of that too, but not in the way that other shows attempt to portray it. If you want to educate your family on the technological advances that their society has made in your earlier days, and compound that knowledge of what can be accomplished during their generation thanks to engineering and technological advances, this show is designed for you.

This is in no way mindless entertainment, but there are enough comical relief moments to get one through the more technical elements of the show. Not onlyy that, but the cast always seems to add a bit of humor to the situation by their suggestions, theories and complications during their struggle for supremacy over previous engineering feats.

Saturday 10:00 PM et/pt on Science Channel
6 Seasons, 48 Episodes - Canceled
February 19, 2006
Science & Technology, Documentary & Biography
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  • In Turkey Danny joins crews as they build the Deriner Dam, one of the tallest and strongest dams ever constructed, designed to hold back 500 billion gallons of water. When complete it will create enough energy to power the city of Istanbul forever.

  • Danny Forster joins crews as they attempt to overhaul Chhatrapati Shivaji International Airport in Mumbai without canceling a single flight. If they succeed, the new airport will revolutionize airport design and change the face of India forever.

  • The Netherlands is getting low on land. Nearly 1/4 of their land and 60% of their population lies beneath sea level. Rather than fight back the sea, engineers are creating real estate where none exists.

  • Joining the construction of Serbia's newest national icon, Johnny will participate in building the world's largest single pylon cable bridge which will improve transportation for freight astronomically.

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