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Bullying is a common problem among teenagers. Many of those young people who are bullied dream of fighting back and beating their tormentors, often in very public and humiliating fashion, but are too afraid to follow through on this dream. "Bully Beatdown" is a show that lives out this dream for those who have been bullied.

Hosted by former Ultimate Fighting Championships (UFC) fighter Jason "Mayhem" Miller, Bully Beatdown details the bullying that a chosen teenager has endured over the years. Mayhem Miller meets with the young person and listens as the bullied teenager relays his tales of abuse and humiliation. After listening to their side, Mayhem then meets with the bully to get the bully's side of the story. The typical episode shows a small, shy young person who has been tormented over a long period by a much larger (and typically older) bully. Viewers realize instantly that the bullied individual would not fare well if they were to ever take the fight into their own hands.

Thankfully for the bullied, Mayhem is on their side. Mayhem has fought some of the best fighters in his weight class in the world. He also understands what it is to be bullied and just how devastating it can be. Playing the role of protector over the bullied young person, Mayhem introduces them to the person who is going to "beatdown" their bully for them.

The title of the show refers to the final segment of each episode, in which a professional Mixed Martial Arts (MMA) fighter engages in 2 rounds of combat with the bully in a cage. Each round lasts for 3 minutes. The first round consists of grappling only while the second round consists of striking (kickboxing) only. The bully does where protective gear, including head and shin protectors, during the striking round.

Each round is worth $5000 to the bully. However, each time the bully submits (taps out) in the grappling round, they lose $1000 of that total. Each time they are knocked down in the striking round, they lose $1000. The bully's victim receives all of the money that the bully loses at the hands of the MMA professional. Typically, the bully walks out of the cage having lost all of the money and offers their victim an apology for all of the abuse their victim has endured.

Thursday 9:30 PM et/pt on MTV
3 Seasons, 24 Episodes - Canceled/Ended
March 22, 2009
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Bully Beatdown Full Episode Guide

  • Fighter Joe "Diesel" Riggs takes on bully Jordan, a football-playing son of a cop, in the season finale.

  • Bully Mike is a pint-sized gym rat. He spends six days a week at the gym, and seven days a week picking on Lorenzo and Joey. Mayhem Miller brings in MMA superstar Eddie Alvarez to beat Mike down.

  • Kevin is a complete bully until Tyron Woodley shakes him up in the cage.

  • Mayhem Miller puts self-proclaimed "The King" of the bullies to the test.

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