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Hosted by Scott Aukerman, Comedy Bang! Bang! is a television spin-off of the podcast with the same title. Each half-hour episode is a comedic take on the average late-night talk show. With Aukerman as the host, and Reggie Watts as his trusty band-leader and sidekick, Comedy Bang! Bang! brings in new celebrity guests each week.

Aukerman, Watts, and guests participate in improvised interviews punctuated with unusual, sometimes bordering on surreal, sketch comedy pieces. Absurd jokes told in a deadpan manner elicit laughs, and can leave viewers scratching their heads.

The comedic, unique musical stylings of Reggie Watts, the unusual lines of guest questioning, and the "straight man" persona of Scott Aukerman create an unusual version of the late-night talk show, giving well-known late-night hosts a run for their money.

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Friday 10:00 PM et/pt on IFC
6 Seasons, 70 Episodes - Currently Airing
Celebrity & Entertainment, Talk & Interview
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  • Michael Sheen teaches Scott about the birds and the bees, and entertainer Victor Diamond explains his various medical conditions. Meanwhile, Scott receives accolades for saving Wonky Cat, the world's weirdest cat.

  • When the hottest toy on the market is in short supply, people become desperate. Luckily, The Lonely Island is here to get everyone in the Christmas spirit.

  • Can Scott pull off the perfect episode? Scott and Reggie take advantage of a scientist's new invention to do just that and go down a rabbit hole that could change everything.

  • Amber Tamblyn drops by the couch to celebrate Thanksgiving with the gang. Reggie invites some of his favorite comedians over for dinner, but could he be getting more out of his guests than he bargained for?

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Watch The 'Comedy Bang! Bang!' Trailer: Every Awesome Thing Ever

The world now faces an "awesome" shortage. Because this new "Comedy Bang! Bang!" trailer took of it. Half the talented people in Hollywood partnered with Funny Or Die to adopt every teaser-trailer cliché moment and cobbled them together into something promoting the IFC comedy series that actually almost makes sense. David Koechner is taking her off life-support. But David Cross is her daughter. Zach Galifianakis never wanted any of this, but Ed Helms is already gone.

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