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Series Length:5 Seasons, 59 Episodes
Schedule: Wednesday 10:00 PM et/pt on The 101 Network

Damages is a beloved show that has a small, dedicated fan base because it is unlike any other television series. The series is known for its big named cast and unusual way of operating. Damages focuses on the lives of lawyers but rarely follows what happens in the courtroom. It uses inventive twists and different story telling techniques to create its own kind of appeal. The show was cancelled by FX, but many thought the show had promise. It was picked up by Direct TV, and the compelling drama continues to offer new surprises.

Damages is essentially about the relationship between a young lawyer and her mentor. Rose Byrne plays an intelligent lawyer named Ellen Parsons. She would not usually be thought of as naive but she is unprepared for the harsh world she enters. Glenn Close is her deceptive, unpredictable mentor. She captivates many audience members, and her portrayal of Patty Hewes provides viewers with a character who is not evil but still may do anything to succeed. The show highlights two women in positions of power, illustrates the differences between the two and depicts the struggles they face. Ellen may not like the way Patty operates, but the vulnerabilities in Patty still draw her to the older woman. Plus, Ellen may have to become like Patty to prosper.

Each season follows a single case and looks at the behind the scenes scheming and drama that exist on all sides of an issue. The show is especially complex because it does not move linearly. The show begins with a pivotal moment at the end of the season and then goes earlier and builds back up to the moment. Characters often appear to be dead or in trouble, and the show works backwards to shock and deliver answers that offer more than what was originally shown. This complexity makes Damages a show that needs to be priority viewing, and it is hard to follow for those that only want to catch a few episodes. Many that do watch find the stories captivating and are unable to stop.

Damages is clever, fast paced series because mysteries never last longer than a season. It is also notable for never making any character truly good or evil. Damages looks at the grey areas that are present in all people while using a legal backdrop to fuel conflicts. Damages' cast and plots leave many enthralled.

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Status: Currently Airing
Genre: Drama
Rating: 8.4/10
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  • In the series finale, Patty and Ellen battle in court, and the aftermath permanently changes their lives.

  • McClaren's latest leak forces Ellen into the spotlight. Tension between McClaren and Rutger Simon boils over.

  • As Patty is asked to throw her hat in the ring as a potential Supreme Court nominee, Ellen's associate Kate Franklin approaches Michael Hewes on behalf of his grandfather, Lyle, whom Michael believed was dead. Once they meet, Lyle recounts the details of Patty's childhood and her subsequent efforts to cut him off from their family's land before asking Michael to grant Patty custody of his daughter in exchange for the property. Meanwhile, Ellen's search for the person she believes Patty paid to kill her leads to Uncle Pete's widow, Stefania McKee. And when Patty insists on getting to the bottom of Channing McClaren's finances, Bill Herndon warns her about the damage her reputation would suffer if she were to lose the lawsuit.Told that Helmut Torben was both involved with insider trading at Princefield Investments and is also financing McClarenTruth, Ellen advises that they be cautious about using the information, even though it could help exonerate Channing in the wrongful death suit. Yet, unaware of Channing's disclosure, Rutger Simon assures Torben that his role will not be revealed. Meanwhile, following an emotional session with a trauma counselor, Ellen gives the detectives who investigated her assault a bloodstained business card that she suspects could be used to identify her assailant. And after meeting with Rutger, Chris Sanchez gives McClaren the information he's gathered about the Army sending soldiers with PTSD back into battle in Afghanistan.While Torben turns to Princefield's CEO with his complaints about Ellen, Michael tells Patty about his meeting with Lyle. And though Patty tells a story that paints her father as a tyrant, Michael still presses her to relinquish control over the Hewes family estate for Catherine's sake. Meanwhile, as Ellen presses Detectives Williams and Ortiz to order a DNA test on the bloody business card, Chris's decision to release the incriminating Army files on McClarenTruth puts Channing back in the public eye. And while H

  • Patty and Ellen get caught in a blizzard; McClaren discovers a major player in the trading scandal.

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