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This television series by the British Broadcast Association follows comedian Michael Palin as he travels throughout countries like Indian and Pakistan in the Himalayas. He travels to some very isolated locations and the photography and commentary in this interesting travel series is top notch. Palin is a comedy icon in England due to his roles in the popular Monty Python series. He takes the road less traveled and even makes it to the Everest base camp. Palin also published a book by the same name that includes many of his amazing pictures from this journey. The series is a great watch for fans of travel and the interesting main character makes this show very enjoyable.

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1 Season, 6 Episodes
June 20, 2005
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Himalaya With Michael Palin Full Episode Guide

  • In the remote Kingdom of Bhutan, Michael Palin finds himself back in the land of yaks for a last look at the high Himalaya. Passing Tiger's Nest Monastery, Michael treks towards the Base Camp of Chomolhari where he meets Dorji, a nomad with a penchant for yak songs.

  • Following the Yangtze River along Tiger Leaping Gorge into Yunnan in South West China, Michael Palin reaches the easternmost end of the Himalayas. At Lugu Lake he is the guest of the celebrated Mosuo singer Namu, who explains the intricacies of the matrilineal Mosuos' walking marriage where the women pick and choose their lovers at will.

  • Leaving Everest Base Camp,Michael Palin takes the high road to Lhasa to see for himself what the Chinese have done to Tibet. From the Potala Palace to the great monasteries of Tashilunpo and Sera, he sees that religion is once again tolerated, while at the same time the old Tibetan centre of the city is being torn down and replaced with modern Chinese shopping malls and nightclubs.

  • In the western part of the Kingdom of Nepal, in the foothills of the great 8,000m peaks of Annapurna and Daulagiri, intrepid traveller Michael Palin accompanies Lieutenant Colonel Adrian Griffith, commander of the British Gurkha in Nepal, on the annual recruitment drive.Michael Palin has reached the second highest mountain in the world, K2 (8,611m), but there is no passage to India here. A high-level stand-off between the Pakistani and Indian armies means that he has to detour south into the Punjab to the only official crossing point between the two countries.

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