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Lockup is a show that is all about life behind bars. The filming crew travels all over the country visiting jails and prison institutions to gain an insight on how jail and prison life really is. The stories they get from interviewing inmates are deep and compelling. You see how inmates function inside the facilities. They also interview staff to see how they try to maintain control over the inmates and what their daily routines are like working as a correctional officer. Since the camera crew keeps their cameras rolling you get a glimpse of how violent inmates can get. You will see lock downs, cell searches, small riots, and many other unexpected events that happen behind the walls of correctional facilities.

NBC News
9 Seasons, 55 Episodes
Documentary & Biography
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Lockup Full Episode Guide

  • A normal day becomes frightening.

  • A supposed gang leader comes up against his arch enemy; an identity thief, who is also a drug addict, hopes for a better future. Also, insight on a prison cook who attempts to help other people.

  • A new comer shows fear; a gang member wants help to change. Also: some insight on the most-arrested guy in Sacramento.

  • A new law causes an increase in felons in the county jail, creating problems and possible threats; two new inmates meet a cowboy and some wild horses.

  • Racism is still rampant in the Fairfax jail system; a self-titled white supremacist may be putting on a front; an inmate hides the truth of his recent conviction and must be protected from inmates, including one of his own cellmates.

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