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MSNBC Films is a documentary TV series that premiered on the MSNBC channel in 2009. The series has aired for four years from 2009-2012. MSNBC films shows footage of integrations conducted by detectives on accused rapists and murderers. Shocking footage of children admitting to committing murders during investigation is revealed. The life of kids who are convicted for crimes in a maximum security prison in Indiana is explored. Hunts for domestic terrorists such as Eric Rudolph who managed to evade authorities for years by hiding in the vast wilderness of the Appalachian Mountains is examined. MSNBC films takes a behind the scenes look of prisoners, interrogations, and the life of US president Bill Clinton during his time in office.

NBC News
1 Season, 15 Episodes
April 19, 2009
Documentary & Biography
Cast: Matt Korsch, Tyler La Marr
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  • It's the place where lies unravel and alibis crumble - the interrogation room, or as the police call it, "The Box." In the casino town of Reno, Nevada, an accused killer is confronted by his girlfriend, while detectives listen to every word. And in Mississippi, a mother bursts in, as her 13-year-old son confesses to murder. MSNBC takes you "Inside the Box," where cases can be made, or broken.

  • It's the place where lies unravel and alibis crumble, and in the interrogation room, cases can be made... or broken. In California, a seasoned detective takes us along, for a psychological showdown with a suspected serial rapist. And in Arkansas, a teenage boy tells us what's it like to be 12 years old, and sitting in the interrogation chair.

  • Teen Mania is a Christian ministry based in Garden Valley, Texas, whose mission statement is "to provoke a young generation to passionately pursue Jesus Christ and to take His life-giving message to the ends of the earth!" According to the Evangelical Council for Financial Authority, Teen Mania's estimated revenue for 2010 was over $18,209,81. Raven joined Teen Mania after high school for a year-long internship program called The Honor Academy, which Teen Mania proudly states has more than 8,000 graduates. Most "interns" work full-time in call centers, soliciting new recruits for future Teen Mania events and programs. It was during her time with The Honor Academy that Raven was introduced to ESOAL, the "emotionally stretching opportunity of a lifetime." ESOAL includes activities like "rolling the hill", where interns eat vomit-inducing foods before repeatedly rolling down a hill. Raven says ESOAL was "the beginning of the end." Ten months into her internship, Raven's mother came to see her at a nearby Teen Mania Tour event. As Raven describes it, "This was the first time that she had seen me in a couple months. She just realized that there was something really wrong. By that time I believe my body really began to shut down, and she decided to take me to the doctor. And the doctor that I saw actually spent a huge amount of time with me and she just asked me if I wanted to go back. And I said, 'I don't want to go back. I wouldn't have survived if I had stayed." This hour follows Raven and several other former Teen Mania interns who sought out therapy to recover from the mind control they experienced during their time with the Teen Mania.

  • Day of Destruction, Decade of War: Drawing from the field experience of Richard Engel and the analysis and insight of Rachel Maddow, MSNBC takes a broad look at the decade since 9/11/01, exploring how America responded to the attacks and how the country has changed.

  • 9/11: In Our Own Words: NBC anchors and correspondents recall their memories of reporting on the morning of 9/11/01. Weaving together live footage with present-day interviews, the special covers the first several hours as the terrorist attacks on America unfolded.

  • MSNBC Films brings viewers the inside story on the men behind the 'D.C. sniper attacks': John Allen Muhammad and Lee Boyd Malvo. Interviews with Muhammad's ex-wife Mildred -- who had divorced him long before the attacks -- tell of her former husband's transformation from a happy father of three into a cold-blooded killer -- who marked her as his final target. Years after the attacks, questions still remain: What was Muhammad's motive for the attacks? Was Lee Boyd Malvo a ruthless killer, or a brainwashed child in a cult of only two members? Using Malvo's trial testimony, archived news footage and rare audio recordings of the snipers in their own words, MSNBC Films uncovers what drove this deadly duo to murder so many innocent people.

  • MSNBC's Rachel Maddow brings viewers the inside story of the Oklahoma City bombing, the deadliest terror attack on U.S. soil prior to 9/11. Hear Timothy McVeigh's chilling confession in his own words for the first time. Drawing from 45 hours of never-before-released interview audiotapes recorded during McVeigh's prison stay, the film reveals the bomber's descriptions of the planning and execution of the horrific attack and offers insight into how a decorated American soldier became a dangerous, anti-government terrorist. The two-hour documentary employs state-of-the-art computer recreations of the interview with McVeigh and his actions on and leading up to the day of the bombing. It also provides biographical background of McVeigh's life and the path that led to his transformation into an 'American terrorist.'

  • On a cold February night in 1974, a woman is kidnapped at gunpoint from her apartment. She is held captive in a closet for 57 days. What happens when a person is suddenly and unexpectedly held hostage? How will she change? The woman who entered that closet was college student Patty Hearst. Almost two months later, she emerged as Tania, a self-professed "soldier in the People's Army." Was she a "brainwashed" victim? Or a violent revolutionary? This film chronicles the two-year search for the kidnapped heiress, through the eyes and words of those who lived it.

  • An in-depth look into the Branch Davidians, the religious cult led by David Koresh in the late 1980s and early 1990s, which ultimately met with a tragic, fiery end. The revealing documentary features candid interviews with survivors of the tragedy and rarely-seen footage of David Koresh and other members of the group inside the compound throughout the siege of the property.

  • This documentary looks inside a most unlikely friendship - between Robert Blecker, one of the country's most impassioned crusaders for capital punishment, and Daryl Holton, a mass-murderer awaiting execution on Tennessee's death row. Blecker, a professor at New York Law School, shares some startling common ground with Holton: both believe that the death penalty is a just and necessary punishment. And as the clock ticks down towards the day when Holton will walk to the electric chair, the two men explore together the meaning of mercy, courage, and the morality of the death penalty. All the while, Blecker continues his fight to keep capital punishment alive in the American justice system. The resulting portrait is funny, disturbing and vital: a penetratingly personal look at one of the most compelling and confounding moral questions of our time.

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