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Caught On Tape is a news program that depicts real life criminals and their encounters. The audience members tuning in are primarily in their early teens to late in their adult years. Most of these unsuspecting criminals don't know they are being recorded. They are then broadcast all over the Internet and television, showing the viewers at home the crazy antics that these criminals pull and try to get away with. Cameras are in most convenience stores, gas stations, grocery stores, and banks, watching the public's every move and recording everything it sees.

Police cars, and helicopters have their cameras running when a crime happens. John Seigenthaler is the hosts of this jaw dropping and always outrageous news program. The clips are real, the crimes are real, and if caught, the punishment is real. From robberies to beat downs there is never a dull moment. High speed chases are taped and aired for the viewers at home to see. Badly planned bank robberies, disturbing assaults on civilians and officers, gas station blown ups, murder for hire confessions and plots, and anything else you can think of will be shown on episodes of Caught On Tape.

With new technology we can now see and hear the hidden cameras that are planted unknowingly for criminals to catch themselves up and taped for the world to see. You will see first hand accounts from witnesses, victims, and by standers stating the true panic that they felt at that moment in time. Police officers will testify that these criminals' reckless and vagrant behavior puts themselves along with the public's safety in jeopardy. The criminals' bad decisions and bad behavior are being exposed on public television. Caught on tape is truly uncut and absolutely real.

NBC News
1 Season, 9 Episodes
May 29, 2003
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  • Las Vegas, where everyone hopes to get lucky -- except for one group of visitors who insist on making bets they can't win. They try to rip Vegas off any way they can. But those in the casino business know that if your business is gambling, then sooner or later someone will try to steal from you. Technology can keep casinos ahead of the cheats. MSNBC looks at how crooks and con artists try to take Vegas for a ride -- and how the casinos try to stop them.

  • High-tech police cruisers and TV news helicopters have them. And now, video cameras seem to be in the hands of at least one person in every crowd. With a greater chance than ever of a crime getting caught on tape, law enforcement is changing. The boom in video is offering new insights into how criminals operate -- and new ways to catch and convict them.

  • Most of us can't imagine getting to this point, but for some people, hiring a hit man can seem like a perfect solution to a bad situation. That is, until they get caught -- red-handed and red-faced -- by the undercover police officers they are unwittingly speaking to. MSNBC Investigates introduces you to experts who specialize in catching these amateur criminals, and shows you the equipment they use to do it.

  • A group of children get lost in a world of fantasy -- believing that they can turn into vampires and live forever. It might sound like youthful role-playing, but it results in the savage murder of a Florida couple whose daughter joins the group. This program looks at their deaths at the hands of the self-described vampire cult leader, and the sometimes deadly mix of teenage alienation and the occult.

  • From eBay to Antiques Roadshow, collecting has taken America by storm. But when you think of collectibles, voodoo dolls and serial killer art probably don't come to mind. Meet extreme collectors -- including some people who have even risked their lives or landed in jail in pursuit of their prize. These collectors tend to have one thing in common: their strange hobbies sometimes become obssessions. One even became a million dollar business.

  • Exorcism is an ancient rite that is newly popular in this internet age. People from various religious backgrounds look at the excesses and temptations of modern society and see the handiwork of the Devil himself. In this program we look at the phenomenon of exorcisms, and ask what really happens when someone tries to chase Satan away.

  • Video cameras in police cars. They're a valuable training tool, but they also give us a rare glimpse into the real world of police work: violent, gritty, disturbing, sometimes heroic. But things aren't always as they appear. A look at the growing number of police actions being caught on tape, and the impact it's having on the way they do their jobs ? and how we see them.

  • Tattoos have long been a taboo art on the fringes of American society. But lately they're all the rage, and everyone seems to be getting in on the act. An estimated one in ten Americans has at least one tattoo. Critics say they are unsightly, even a form of mutilation. In this program, a look at tattoos and the people obsessed with them.

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