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Series Length:8 Seasons, 73 Episodes
Schedule: Thursday 10:00 PM et/pt on Investigation Discovery

Nightmare Next Door was a 2011 TV series that revealed frightening stories of crimes that actually took place in obscure and small towns where you wouldn't expect such a crime to happen. The strange murders that occurred changed a loving and supportive community into people who were frightened and untrusting of each other.

Each series explored a terrible murder and reexamines what really happened and disclose to TV viewers the awful event that happened and reenact the story; showing how the violence affected the community.

For many of us, small towns have always meant safety, security and a peaceful way of living; instead of suffering in a big town with so many hidden dangers. That is what made this TV series so very interesting is that terrible things happened in towns that should have been a haven from terror and fear.

Nightmare Next Door took the appearance of safety from small towns and the most gripping part of the series was that it was true! The show revealed interviews with family members, investigators and others in a gripping tale of I wonder who did this and why?!

For instance, one of the stories was about a woman who disappeared at night. She lives in Portland, Maine and everyone in the town is frightened that something has happened to her. The search goes on for awhile but a body can't be found. That is, until they found some terrible evidence that something awful happened to her.

The Nightmare Next Door series was a frightening but also a highly interesting TV series because it showed to the viewing audience what can happen to someone so young and in a small town, where normally you would feel safe. The TV series made you also think about your own safety and what can happen at anytime.

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  • A Maryland man is shot in cold blood the day before Thanksgiving, and it takes years before an unlikely informant lead police to his killer.

  • A Tennessee woman is killed in the forest behind her home.

  • The crime rate in rural Royse City, TX is so small that when quiet couple Dennis and Norma Woodruff are found murdered in their own home, everyone feels unsettled. As detectives delve deeper it seems the killings...are a family affair.

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