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One of the most beloved entertainers would have to be Reba McEntire. Considering she possesses a plethora of musical talent it isn't surprising to find that she also possesses a wealth of acting talent, especially comedic acting talent. When all of these considerations are taken into account it's not surprising to find that her self titled show ‘Reba' was such a hit. Reba offered more than just simple comedy to its viewers; it also offered several other aspects that drew a wide variety in its viewing audience.

‘Reba' offered its viewing audience comedy, a touch of drama and some very hard hitting life lessons to go along with the comedy. Although, initially, the idea of Reba McEntire in a role as a single mother wasn't really one that many felt a good fit, her acting prowess comes through beautifully and very realistically in her portrayal of her character, Reba Hart. When you add the amazing talents of the supporting cast which includes talents such as Christopher Rich and Melissa Peterman, you simply have a winning combination.

‘Reba' is about Reba Hart, a Houston housewife and mother of three children, who finds herself separated from her successful dentist husband, Brock. Initially the separation was suppose to be a temporary one, although this quickly changes as Reba discovers that Brock was having an affair with his dental assistant, Barbara Jean, or B.J, as she likes to be called. However, as complicated as the situation is, it gets even more so.

Amidst all of the complications already taking place in Reba's life, one more is added. Reba soon discovers that her teenage, high school daughter, Cheyenne, is pregnant by her boyfriend, Van. Reba helps the young couple to marry and supports them to finish high school. However, even more complication arise as Reba discovers that B.J. is also pregnant and she and Brock are moving across the street from Reba. These conditions teach a lesson of forgiveness and patience.

The CW
6 Seasons, 126 Episodes - Canceled
October 5, 2001
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  • Part one of the series finale finds Reba faced with the fact that she is butting into the lives of Cheyenne and Van in the same way that Barbra Jean butts into her life and house. Brock sees some hope for their marriage after Barbra Jean breaks down during a weather report.

  • Reba puts her foot down when Kyra announces that she is postponing college to go on tour with her band. Meanwhile, Van and Cheyenne have different ideas about home decor.

  • Reba finds a perfect house for Cheyenne and Van to buy, but Cheyenne sours on it when she learns it's being sold by her former high-school rival.

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