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Sins and Secrets is a documentary style program that broadcasts on the Investigation Discovery network. The series profiles notorious crimes including background information of the community where each event took place. Also included are details from the individual investigators' personal lives.

The premiere episode recounted the murder of two residents of Knoxville, Tenn. Student Channon Christian, 21 and 23-year old boyfriend, Christopher Newsom Jr. were carjacked while on their way to a date. Police found Christian's battered and sexually assaulted body thrown into a trash can in East Knoxville. The burned body of Newsom was found nearby the home of convicted armed robber, Lemaricus Davidson on train tracks.

Davidson and several accomplices were later convicted of these murders after a long trial. While details about the crime and subsequent investigation and trial covered half the episode, the rest of the show was about Knoxville's history, neighborhoods, and class and racial tensions.

The Davidson trial motivated white supremacist rallies, while conservative bloggers and publications seized upon the murders as examples of black-on-white hate crime. The narration includes the differences between Knoxville's East, West, North and South regions.

The first episode details how Knoxville is geographically segregated among the middle and working-classes that identify more with the rich than the poor. The rest of the hour provides a snapshot of the city's development, particularly its New South identity and emerging intellectualism.

The show unflinchingly delves into these crimes with brain and brawn. Another show details an account of the murder of Liz Marinello by husband and sportscaster, Vince Marinello. They hail from the New Orleans Metarie suburb. The case is treated as a southern potboiler showing the urban lawlessness and decay as a result of Hurricane Katrina. This caused residents and authorities to assume that the crime actually began as an armed robbery.

This episode details how the couple met and then provides a sense of reasoning behind the murder. The trauma of Katrina with the destruction of Vince's home from childhood is part of what drove the couple down a dwindling spiral. Ultimately, financial and romantic secrets were exposed.

For example, Vince was not actually divorced from his first wife and continued paying for her homeowner's insurance from the checking account of his second wife, whom he murdered. This is the type of detail and perspective that is offered for each of the cases profiled.

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February 17, 2011
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  • In 1999, May Greineder was an ordinary homemaker in the upscale enclave of Wellesley, until her husband discovered the remains of her butchered body on a walking path. Instead of a suspected serial killer, Police found a cover-up of deadly proportions.

  • In 2008, in Greeley, CO, aspiring model Angie Zapata was brutally beaten to death at her city apartment. The investigation revealed a dark side.

  • In 2002 in Topeka, Kansas, newly engaged Michael Sisco and Karen Harkness were brutally shot while they slept. Detectives had to sift through family vendettas and evidence across the state before the truth would come out.

  • A woman's disappearance from Raymond, WA, may be linked to two other disappearances.

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