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There is a new gay reality TV show sprawling its way across the wavelengths over at LOGO. The A-List series. This reality TV series bases itself around A-listers in different major metro areas across the US. From modeling agencies, photographers, salon owners and actors, the first season, A-List New York, found its way into the hearts of hundreds of gay boys and girls looking for inspiration!

Between the relationship, drama and the A-List parties, A-List New York follows the lives of eight major characters and their daily lives of love, loss, failures and successes.

The show follows major relationships, and the home-wrecking caused by other main stars. The direction of inspiration and the attempt to adhere guidance and knowledge to the younger crowd of being who you want to be no matter sex, age, race or religion.

The first season kept viewers on the edge of their zebra print fabrics and on hold of boxes of triple ply tissues, so the announcement of a second season struck cords with fans everywhere. Towards the end of the second season, viewers were unaware of the mishap that would become the cancellation of their beloved TV drama.

Amid the millions of fans, one of the main shows A-Listers, Reichen Lehmkuhl, confirmed via social media of Logo's redirection of the show and its cancellation following the ending of the second season.

The episodes run very well together and the drama in this reality series is endless. Millions of fans were disappointed to see the show go, but watch the episodes religiously anyway.

The gay community has had its own views on their newest reality TV series and the reviews had been mixed. A lot of viewers feel that the show is pointless (isn't most reality TV?) and brings a bad reputation to the image of the community. They also point out that the characters are too physical and materialistic (isn't that what the media seeks to strike on if you're in A-List standing?).

Upon the mixed reviews, LOGO decided to cancel anyway. But check out the series for yourself. Try and tear yourself away for a sandwich once in a while!

Monday 10:00 PM et/pt on Logo
2 Seasons, 22 Episodes - Canceled
October 4, 2010
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The A-List: New York Full Episode Guide

  • The group reunites to discuss the season.

  • The group reunites to discuss the season.

  • The group heads to Atlantic City to finish off the summer with one final party. But which one will the boys attend? Austin and Jake's bachelor party or Nyasha's singing debut?

  • The drama continues as the group plans an Atlantic City weekend. The drama has started and the group just got there.

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