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The Future Diary is a violent and exciting anime, or Japanese animation, show. The series, which is based off of a manga, or Japanese comic, follows the main character, Yuki Amano. Yuki is a bit of a loner. He has never really fit it with his classmates, and, because of his shyness, he classmates begin to think that he is a bit odd. Instead of joining in with normal after school activities, Yuki writes in a cell phone diary. In addition, Yuki spends time with friends that he believes are imaginary. These friends, Deus Ex Machina and Deus's servant, however, soon become all too real.

One afternoon, Deus gives Yuki a special new phone diary. He also tells Yuki about a game that will soon be starting. Yuki does not pay too much attention, until he realizes that his diary has changed. The diary is full of ninety days worth of entries, but each entry is in the future, instead of the past. It is even more frightening for Yuki when he realizes that each entry soon comes true, unless he can do something to change it.

Yuki soon learns that he is only one player in a scary game, and that his new diary is his only tool. The game involves twelve players. Using their diaries, the players must find and kill all of the other players. At the end of the ninety days, the player left standing will be the new god of time and space, as Deus Ex Machina once was.

Yuki does not want to play the game, but he soon finds that he must if he wants to stay alive. Throughout the series, Yuki battles for his life. He also meets another player, Yuno Gasai, a girl in his class who has been using her diary to stalk him. Yuki teams up with Yuno and together they battle their way through the game, using their diaries to lead the way.

1 Season, 26 Episodes - New Series
October 9, 2011
Anime, Action & Adventure
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  • Once, long ago, Yukiteru changed the future by opening a door. Can such a small action change the course of an entire world again? Will it be a HAPPY END for anyone?

  • Yuki decides who he has to save. Yuno decides who she has to kill. Minene keeps her promises. And Murmur... There is even more to Murmur than anyone knew. And the fate of more than one world lays in the balance.

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