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The television series Web Therapy features Lisa Kudrow as Web Therapist Fiona Wallice, who has decided that the traditional hour-long therapy sessions are too long and give patients too much time to talk about irrelevant topics. By dramatically shortening the therapy session to three minutes, she believes that patients will achieve results more quickly. She uses Skype to host therapy sessions, while also recording them in hopes that investors will find the concept appealing and invest in it as a franchise.

Web Therapy is only scripted as on outline, with Ms. Kudrow and guest stars improvising their lines. Clients do not appear onscreen at the same time as Ms. Kudrow, but instead are displayed through the Skype video chat service on a computer screen. Notable guest stars have included Friends co-stars Courteney Cox and Matt LeBlanc, but also include Alan Cumming, Minnie Driver and Conan O'Brien. Guest stars sometime appear as themselves requiring therapy sessions, and to more comic effect, often appear as alternate characters that are parodies of themselves, past roles they have played, or of actors in their genre.

A typical episode features a famous celebrity as a client contacting Fiona Wallace for a therapy session. Clients are often belligerent, aloof or uncooperative with Fiona, making the three-minute therapy session more difficult and less productive, counter to the concept of Web Therapy. Fiona also must deal with the political ambitions and unconventional sexual life of her husband Kip Wallace (played by Victor Garber) and with Kip's controlling and too-personal campaign manager, Ben Tomlund (played by Michael McDonald). Later seasons escalate the comedy and off-computer drama for Fiona with appearances by Lily Tomlin as Fiona's unpredictable mother and Meryl Streep as Kip's political handler, who has an extremely hands-on approach.

Web Therapy originally began its life as webisodes in 2008, later being rebroadcast on the Showtime cable channel, with newer episodes premiering on Showtime. Emmy Award-winner Lisa Kudrow serves as co-creator and producer of the show in addition to the starring role.

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  • Fiona is surprised to learn her advice secured Sylvie a lucrative new job.

  • New client, Sylvie Frank, seeks Fiona's advice concerning her office romance that has gone sour.

  • Fiona is upset that Chris suckered her into being taped by reality tv cameras at their dinner.

  • Chris is desperate: does Fiona want to save a friend's marriage?

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