A Loss of Innocence

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  • 1996
  • 1 hr 31 min
  • 5.0  (262)

A Loss of Innocence is a television movie from 1996 which was directed by Graeme Clifford. It revolves around a young girl named Erica French, played by Jennie Garth, who is growing up in an abusive household. Erica's mother is an alcoholic and her stepfather is abusive, making it a difficult environment for her to grow up in. One day, Erica meets a man named Michael (played by Rob Estes) who she quickly falls for. Michael introduces Erica to a world she has never experienced before - one of love, romance, and stability. However, Michael is not all that he seems and soon Erica finds herself in a dangerous situation.

Polly Holliday plays the role of Detective Pierce, who is investigating Michael for possible involvement in a string of murders. Detective Pierce becomes a mentor to Erica and helps her navigate the dangerous world that she has found herself in.

Throughout the movie, Erica struggles with her past and the abuse she has faced. She must learn to trust those around her and stand up for herself in order to protect herself and those she cares about.

The movie tackles some difficult issues, such as domestic abuse and murder, but does so in a way that is sensitive and thought-provoking. It explores the effects that abuse can have on a person and how it can shape their future relationships and experiences.

Jennie Garth gives a powerful performance as Erica, portraying the character's struggle with vulnerability and strength. Rob Estes is also excellent in his role as Michael, portraying a complex and troubled character.

Overall, A Loss of Innocence is a gripping and emotional film that deals with difficult subject matter in a sensitive and compelling way. The strong performances from the cast, particularly Jennie Garth, make it a must-watch for anyone interested in powerful dramas that explore complex issues.

A Loss of Innocence
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    1 hr 31 min
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    5.0  (262)