Past Tense

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Past Tense is a mysterious, crime thriller directed by Graeme Clifford. In the film, Gene Ralston (Scott Glenn) is a police detective, and mystery crime novelist. After a restless night of sleep, Ralston wakes up and begins working on his novel. As he is working, he notices a beautiful woman, Tory Bass (Lara Flynn Boyle), moving in next door. Being a gentlemen, Gene goes next door to introduce himself to his new neighbor.

Glenn notices right away that Tory is a mysterious person. Eventually, the new neighbors end up in an intimate situation. The next day, Glenn receives a note asking him to come over later that night. When Glenn obeys, he is startled to find a murdered woman in the house next door. Being a cop, Glenn calls his partner, Larry Talbert (Anthony LaPaglia), to help investigate the murder.

However, when Larry arrives Glenn is told there is no new neighbor that has moved into the house. In fact, the woman who does live in the house says she has lived there for years. Unable to understand what has happened, Glenn decides to investigate on his own.

Through his own investigation, Glenn discovers that the mysterious woman he met and made love to is not really named Tory Bass. He further finds out that his partner Larry knows the woman he met. Convinced that he must be losing his mind, Glenn visits a doctor who cannot find anything wrong with Glenn.

After being convinced he is of sound mind and body, Glenn starts to realize he can't trust anyone, even those closest to him. When Glenn finally puts together the pieces of the puzzle, he realizes that something sinister is going on, and someone close to him is responsible for it.

| 1994 | 1 hr 31 min | 5.9/10
Scott Glenn, Anthony LaPaglia, Lara Flynn Boyle, David Ogden Stiers
Graeme Clifford
Produced By
Orson Welles
Past Tense
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Also starring Anthony LaPaglia