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"The Sin-tillating Capers of Two Cunning Con Men who Fleeced the Sexiest Chicks on the Riviera...until each decided to become king of the mountain !"
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  • 1963
  • 1 hr 39 min
  • 6.7  (2,310)
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Bedtime Story is a light-hearted comedy film from 1964 starring Marlon Brando, David Niven, and Shirley Jones. The film tells the story of two con artists, Lawrence and Freddy, who make a living by scamming wealthy women out of their money by convincing them to invest in non-existent oil wells. Their routine is disrupted when a beautiful American heiress, Janet, arrives in town and the two men make a bet to see who can seduce her first and take her fortune.

Lawrence, played by Marlon Brando, is the suave, sophisticated con artist who is used to getting what he wants. He is charming and confident, and he quickly sets his sights on Janet. His partner in crime, Freddy, played by David Niven, is a more bumbling and comical character who is not quite as successful with the ladies. Their rivalry over Janet leads to a series of hilarious pranks and hijinks as they try to outdo each other in their attempts to woo her.

Shirley Jones plays the role of Janet, the wealthy heiress who is the focus of Lawrence and Freddy's attentions. Unlike many heiresses in films of this era, Janet is not portrayed as a brainless socialite, but rather a savvy and independent woman who is not easily fooled. She is drawn to Lawrence's charm and sophistication but is not afraid to call him out when he tries to deceive her.

The bulk of the film takes place in the picturesque town of Beaumont-sur-Mer on the French Riviera. The setting is stunning, with beautiful seaside views and grand, luxurious villas. The town is home to many wealthy expatriates, making it the perfect hunting ground for Lawrence and Freddy's scams.

One of the most memorable scenes in the film takes place at a swanky nightclub where Lawrence, Freddy, and Janet are all in attendance. Lawrence and Freddy take turns dancing with Janet, trying to impress her with their moves. The scene is comical as the two men try to outdo each other with increasingly ridiculous dance moves, and Janet is left wondering if they are both insane.

Bedtime Story is a classic comedy film that showcases the talents of its stars. Brando and Niven have excellent chemistry as the two con artists, and their comedic timing is spot on. Jones is also fantastic as the strong-willed Janet, who is not content to be a mere pawn in Lawrence and Freddy's game.

The film is directed by Ralph Levy who is best known for his work in television, including directing episodes of classics such as I Love Lucy and The Brady Bunch. The screenplay is by Stanley Shapiro and Paul Henning, who both have many successful comedies under their belts.

Overall, Bedtime Story is a charming and entertaining film that will delight fans of classic comedies. The combination of the beautiful setting, the talented cast, and the clever plot make it a must-see for anyone who appreciates a good laugh.

Bedtime Story
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