Buddy Buddy

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Buddy Buddy is a story starring Walter Matthau, who is a professional hitman named Trabucco. He sets out on a journey to kill a popular gangster named Ruby Gambola, who is threatening to go to the police and report against Trabucco's mob. The story unravels when Trabucco goes to the hotel where Ruby is staying and plans to get his plans into motion. However, his plans are foiled as he runs into one of his troubled colleagues who is on the verge of suicide, due to his marital infidelity issues. Trabucco is now suddenly faced with trying to focus on his original plans to hit Gambola and which is now interrupted by Victor Clooney, a man who consistently attempts to kill himself. Trabucco successfully persuades him not to end his life by offering to take him to see his estranged wife.

As a result, Trabucco finds himself in the middle of a new pursuit as Victor's situation somehow helps Trabucco's original plan to kill Gambola. The audience will follow the life of the ill mannered Trabucco as he travels from one mind boggling assignment to the next, in his professional life of crime. There is a scene where he poses as a mailman, so that he can put a bomb in his target's mailbox. With all the disguises that Trabucco must wear throughout the film, he may leave the audience wondering how he will mask himself with his largest assignment, Gambola.

The film was written by Francis Veber and directed by Billy Wilder and may take the audience on a series of non stop action packed moments where quick decision making must happen, as Trabucco delves deeper into his life of crime as he protects his identity. The audience may grow excited with the overall experience and mounting action that takes place, as Trabucco and Victor form and interesting partnership they never planned for.

| 1981 | 1 hr 36 min | 6.6/10
Jack Lemmon, Walter Matthau, Paula Prentiss, Klaus Kinski
Billy Wilder
Produced By
Jay Weston
Buddy Buddy
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