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"For everyone who ever thought the person they loved was out of their reach"
  • PG-13
  • 1995
  • 1 hr 43 min
  • 6.6  (9,106)
  • 70

Circle of Friends is a timeless romantic drama set in 1950s Ireland. The film opens with three young women, Benny Hogan (Minnie Driver), Nan Mahon (Saffron Burrows), and Eve Malone (Geraldine O'Rawe), who grew up together in the small town of Knockglen, preparing to leave for University College Dublin. Benny is the central character of the story; she is a young woman with a vivacious personality and a dream of becoming a teacher. She is comfortable with who she is and enjoys spending time with her friends. Eve, on the other hand, is ambitious and wants to improve her social standing by entering into a relationship with the wealthy and popular Jack Foley (Chris O'Donnell).

As they begin their new lives in Dublin, Benny, Nan, and Eve start meeting new people and facing new challenges. Benny becomes friends with the shy and introverted Sean Walsh (Alan Cumming), who is studying to become a doctor. Despite their stark differences, they start to develop feelings for each other.

Eve, on the other hand, finds herself drawn to the charming and wealthy Jack. Unfortunately for Eve, she learns that Jack has no intention of marrying her and is only using her for his own pleasure. This leaves Eve feeling crushed and alone, and she starts to spiral out of control.

As their first year at University progresses, Benny and Sean's relationship becomes stronger. They start to fall deeply in love with each other and dream of a future together. However, their relationship is tested when Sean discovers that he has failed an important exam and might not be able to continue studying medicine. Benny offers to give up her dream of becoming a teacher to support Sean, but this leads to tension between them.

Meanwhile, Eve's mental state deteriorates, and she becomes increasingly unstable. She tries to seduce Jack, but he rejects her advances, leaving her feeling even more isolated.

The climax of the movie is a trip back to Knockglen for a wedding. Benny and Sean attend the wedding together, but their relationship is put to the test when they run into Jack and Eve. This opportunity forces all four characters to confront their feelings and the choices they've made.

Circle of Friends is a film about love, friendship, and the choices we make. It highlights the importance of staying true to oneself and how we can define our own destiny. Although set in the 1950s, the story is timeless and relatable to anyone who has ever faced a difficult decision about love or friendship.

The actors in the movie give strong performances, especially Minnie Driver, who has a natural charm and warmth. Chris O'Donnell also shines in his role as the charismatic but deeply flawed Jack. The film is visually stunning, with beautiful shots of the Irish countryside and vibrant cinematography.

All in all, Circle of Friends is a heartwarming and engaging movie that will tug at your heartstrings and leave you with a feeling of hope and optimism.

Circle of Friends
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    6.6  (9,106)
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