The Company

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This TV mini series takes a look at the work of the CIA over a period of over 40 years, where a small group of agents become convinced that a KGB mole has infiltrated the agency. Agent Jack McAuliffe begins his career with the CIA in 1950 and is quickly taken under the wing of an experienced agent, Harvey Torriti, who is known as one of the best agents in the CIA. A series of failed missions running from the 1950s to 1991 force Jack and Harvey to hunt down the KGB mole with the help of their paranoid chief agent.

Turner Network Television
1 Season, 3 Episodes
August 5, 2007
Action & Adventure, Drama
Cast: Chris O'Donnell
The Company

The Company Full Episode Guide

  • Washington, DC, 1975. Soviet embassy 'political attaché' Sergei Kukushkin, a KGB captain, defects, claiming he has to seize the time window of the KGB Washington mole 'Sasha'. Mother believes his indications and starts ruthlessly interrogating as mole suspect Leo Kretsky, who keeps denying.

  • Budapest, 1956. Jacko's mission is to convince the underground insurgent to wait at least 18 months before they rise against the Stalinist regime. Jack stands by their leader, poet Arpad Zelk, and his English-born wife, but the Hungarian secret police AVH sees through his lies under torture.