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Vice is an edgy and informative documentary style show that has recently become quite popular on HBO. Vice itself actually began as a magazine and online news outlet but then quickly spread into full length documentary productions. These two powerful and effective communication types make Vice a powerful and informative TV show that watchers can both relate to and learn from. Vice is definitely unique among other documentary shows and series, primarily thanks to the way scenarios are presented but also simply because of the various scenarios that are laid out for the viewer to see. No other show gets as up close and personal as Vice does in countries and cultures all around the world.

Each individual episode of Vice focuses on one or more shocking or interesting facets of life from around the world that are very different from what would be seen in the United States. Some episodes are centered around dangerous or impoverished countries while others focus on the cultural and spiritual differences around the world; regardless of the direct content, Vice is meant to inform viewers with raw and often surprising footage. Because of this film type Vice has really caught on with some viewers while other viewers find it to be overwhelming or disturbing.

Understanding the world is difficult and overwhelming in many cases and Vice really brings the viewer into various parts of the world. No other show has as much raw and surprising footage as Vice which makes it a thrilling and educational adventure through far off lands or nearby underground cultures that are otherwise overlooked. Vice has also been known to sneak into places that don't allow filming, such as North Korea and other hostile countries, in order to bring their viewers the absolute best footage, this makes Vice into one of the most daring and exciting documentary series you can find anywhere.

Friday 11:00 PM et/pt on HBO
5 Seasons, 86 Episodes
April 5, 2013
Documentary & Biography, News
Cast: Shane Smith, Thomas Morton, Gianna Toboni
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Vice Full Episode Guide

  • "After ISIS" - The fight to retake Mosul, the biggest city in ISIS' so-called caliphate, lasted over 10 months and was the biggest urban battle to take place since World War II. As civilians of Mosul endured the impossible choice of hiding in their homes or fleeing, running the risk of being killed by ISIS, the war raged on--bombarding homes and destroying everything in its path. With unparalleled access, VICE followed the Iraqi Army as they fought the terrorist group, room to room, house to house and street to street, often fighting for days on end and suffering horrendous casualties on a slow crawl to liberation. "Cubs of the Caliphate" - Now that most of Iraq has been liberated from ISIS control, the daunting task of what to do with civilians who lived under their brutal regime remains. Nowhere is this issue more complicated than in the case of children, particularly those who were recruited to fight with the Islamic State. VICE Correspondent Isobel Yeung meets the Iraqi youth who both lived and trained under ISIS as they try to rebuild their lives while facing an uncertain future.

  • [HBO] HD. A look at what's driving the media's battle over facts and the polarization in the Trump Era; the emerging field of microbiome science.

  • "Russian Hacking" Since the 2016 election, hacking has become synonymous with one country: Russia. From the DNC, to global ransomware attacks, to attempts to penetrate U.S. nuclear plants, analysts have found Russian fingerprints on some of the biggest digital breaches in the world. While the US is scrambling to defend itself against these cybercrimes, the hacker ecosystem in Russia continues to grow. VICE travels to Moscow to find out why these hackers are so effective. "Contagion" The outbreak of an infectious disease sparks worldwide panic nearly every year. And as humans cluster themselves in denser cities and encroach closer to the wildlife harboring disease, the chances of a devastating global pandemic only intensifies. But scientists are finding that diligent surveillance of these threats could help keep the next nightmare disease at bay. VICE founder Suroosh Alvi went to Uganda to see how vulnerable humans are to a new pandemic and the options there are for staving it off.

  • [HBO] HD. The effects of gerrymandering on American democracy; examining Honduran prison system reform as the government tries to bring peace.

  • Nowhere in America can the coal industry's hurt be seen and felt more than in Appalachia. The region's economy revolves around coal, and more miners are losing their jobs each year. The controversial industry became a focal point of the 2016 election, when President Trump made the return of coal jobs a central campaign promise, but the economics behind this suffering industry extend beyond policy and regulations. VICE's Isobel Yeung goes to the heart of coal country to see what it will take to save Appalachia.

  • [HBO] HD. An inside look at the rise of Venezuela's dictatorship and the growing opposition to President Nicolas Maduro's rule.

  • Press freedom around the world has reached its lowest point in more than a decade, with many authoritarian governments imprisoning journalists in a fight to control their countries' narratives. One of the deadliest places to be a journalist is the Philippines, where the new president has openly threatened the media and silenced his critics. Correspondent Gianna Toboni heads to Manila to see the dangerous work of local journalists reporting on President Rodrigo Duterte's brutal war on drugs. Back in the U.S., legendary journalist Carl Bernstein discusses the state of our own media and the importance of a free press in holding the powerful accountable.

  • “Show of Force” - VICE travels to North Korea during the annual Day of the Sun celebrations as global tensions reached a fever pitch. As North Koreans celebrated the 105th birthday of their country's founder, Kim Il-sung, correspondent Charlet Duboc seeks to learn firsthand how its citizens are reacting to the escalating crisis.“Return to Somalia” - VICE correspondent Gianna Toboni heads to Mogadishu to witness the fight to save the country during an increase of al-Shabaab attacks.

  • Today, one in 68 children will be diagnosed with the developmental condition autism, a number that has more than doubled in the last two decades. VICE's Gianna Toboni explores the transformative work being done at the forefront of autism research, meets families trying out some of the newest treatments and discovers a growing self-advocacy movement in the autism community that wants to refocus the science.

  • Last year, thousands of Native Americans and environmental activists from across the country converged at Standing Rock in an effort to block construction of the Dakota Access Pipeline. By winter, a lean-to encampment had grown into a massive protest site the size of a small town, and clashes between protestors and local police and corporate security flared. In December, VICE traveled to the Sacred Stone Camp in North Dakota, following the story over subsequent months as the Trump administration moved quickly to resume work on the pipeline, and examining how resource extraction has affected Native American communities.

  • Tracking the run-up to Turkey's recent referendum that grants unprecedented power to the country's president.

  • "Future of Firearms" - The firearms industry experienced unprecedented growth in the last decade. Fear of government regulation drove much of that growth as President Obama repeatedly tried to pass gun control laws in the aftermath of numerous mass shootings. Now, with the political landscape fundamentally changed, the industry, and gun rights advocates, are looking for new ways to expand upon their 2nd amendment rights and the bottom line -- with some surprising results. VICE takes a closer look at the future of firearms in America. "Russia 'Wins' Climate Change" - Climate change is causing catastrophic changes to our planet, but it may be an economic blessing for Russia. As the Arctic ice melts, petroleum and mineral resources are more accessible, shipping lanes are opening up and the frozen Siberian tundra could become arable. In fact, the Russian government and people seem to be welcoming the warming temperatures. And with America pulling out of the Paris Agreement, perhaps this is a glimpse into our own future.

  • VICE examines the rise of Europe's far right--and the hyper-charged climate fueling nationalist ideologies across the continent. Plus, Silvio Berlusconi was in many ways Europe's original populist. Shane Smith travels to the home of the former Italian Prime Minister to discuss why this message resonates across the continent, how the Left fails to grasp populist anger, and more.

  • [HBO] HD. Israel's rise as a world leader in cybersecurity and the revolutionary impact of hacking on warfare; Japan's rising nationalism.

  • Cord Jefferson examines the U.S. judicial system and how public defenders struggle to do their jobs; Ben Anderson reports on the battle over natural resources in the Peruvian Amazon.

  • HD. The staggering surge of incarcerated women in America; journeying through the art to answer the question 'What is a Warhol?'

  • Looming breakthroughs in genomics, pharmaceuticals and stem cell research bring humanity to a second longevity explosion; robotics and the computers that power them are poised for a leap forward with the emergence of artificial intelligence.

  • The Taliban now control more territory than they have at any point since they were overthrown in 2001. Yet the war in Afghanistan barely gets mentioned today, even as civilian and security deaths continue to rise. Ben Anderson returns to the conflict he's covered for ten years, re-uniting with several Afghans - an Army Major, a Policeman who dismantles IEDs and a family who were forced to fight to defend their home - for a shocking report that questions what America's longest war has actually accomplished.

  • There are thousands of types of bananas but Americans have eyes for only one kind - the very marketable yellow Cavendish, which accounts for 95% of global banana exports.

  • Gianna Toboni reports on the globalization of fast food and the expanding obesity epidemic worldwide; Thomas Morton explores the productive world of Nigerian cinema and even takes a turn in front of the camera.

  • VICE co-founder Suroosh Alvi travels to Aceh and across Indonesia, the world's most populous Muslim country and travels to the remote shores of Hawaii and the coast of the North Sea to see the extent of our plastic addiction.

  • College athletics have seen sky rocketing revenue growth in the last decade, fueled by media contracts and corporate sponsors. In order to enter this system, the NCAA demands that players refuse profits and in return receive scholarships and access to state-of-the-art facilities. But with college sports now a multi-billion-dollar industry, the question being asked in federal court remains whether that compensation is enough.

  • Almost three years after Ferguson, tensions between the police and Black communities remain high. VICE correspondent Cord Jefferson reports from St. Louis to hear from activists and police officers alike about race and policing. Also VICE heads to Zurich to see the first ever bionic Olympics and discovers a host of technologies that are expanding what it means to be human.

  • A pair of strain hunters scour the Democratic Republic of Congo searching for one of the rarest species of cannabis; nuclear physicist Taylor Wilson sits down with the scientists working to unlock the secrets of the Universe.

  • With climate change warming the Arctic at an alarming rate, the frozen earth that covers almost a quarter of the Northern Hemisphere's landmass is beginning to thaw. If this thaw continues unchecked, scientists warn we could awaken "a sleeping giant" of climate change./ 2016 was the deadliest year yet for refugees journeying across the Mediterranean Sea in the hopes of reaching Europe. The prospects of building a new life are growing darker for the 180,000-plus refugees who arrived in Italy alone this past year. VICE Correspondent Gianna Toboni follows the journey of these refugees left in limbo.

  • Families and doctors rewrite the rules as they decide the best time to start medical intervention before transgender youth hit puberty.

  • After six years of civil war, Bashar al-Assad, Syria's longtime dictator is ready to regain full control of his country; the economic stakes of denying climate change for decades.

  • A sneak peek of Season 5.

  • In the fourth season finale, Thomas Morton examines proposed missions to Mars; and Gianna Toboni reports on the U.S. prison at Guantanamo Bay, Cuba, and interviews former detainees.

  • The relationship between student loans and the rising cost of college; a new medical practice uses stool from a healthy individual to remedy intestinal infections in others.

  • A report on ALS, an incurable neurodegenerative disease, research and the regulatory hurdles faced by ALS patients and drug makers.

  • 'Flint Water Crisis' - The water crisis in Flint, Michigan horrified the nation: a once-thriving industrial city had fallen on such hard times that residents couldn't even trust the water from their own taps. But more shocking still were revelations that city and state officials knew about the problems with the water but failed to take action or warn the public. Ahmed Shihab-Eldin reports from Flint on the realities of life in a city poisoned by its own government. 'Libya on the Brink' - When the Libyan dictator Muammar Gaddafi was killed during the revolution of 2011, it seemed like good news for democracy in the Muslim world. But in 2012, the American ambassador and three other Americans were killed in a bloody attack in Benghazi, and today, a split between government factions has ceded large portions of the country to ISIS fighters and other extremists. Simon Ostrovsky reports from the front lines as rival militias fight to save Libya as we know it.

  • Heroin Crisis: America is plagued by the worst epidemic this country has ever seen: more people are dying from overdoses than from car accidents-and at the center of it is an explosion in the use of heroin. New Age of Nukes: Investigating why the military wants to upgrade the nukes we have, and is it a big risk?

  • When NSA whistleblower Edward Snowden leaked details of massive government surveillance programs in 2013, a raging debate over digital privacy and security erupted.

  • Ben Anderson examines the campaign to obliterate polio in Pakistan despite threats from the Taliban against the vaccinators; Kaj Larsen reports on unexploded ordnance in Southeast Asia that has been sitting there since the Vietnam era.

  • Investigating Iran's nuclear program. Also: profiling kids who live on the streets of Kolkata, India.

  • Examining the plight of migrant workers in Dubai - who are employed on a project bearing the name of a man who might be America's next president. / Looking into the increasingly prominent business relationship between China and Africa.

  • Examining new energy sources for the future to reduce carbon emissions and addressing the threat of climate change.

  • Isobel Yeung takes a look at the fight for women's rights in Afghanistan since the U.S. invasion in 2001; Suroosh Alvi features the private military contractors who protect global commerce from pirates in international waters.

  • A new generation of Palestinians joins the conflict with Israel in the West Bank; young Cubans embrace American culture and hope for a more open relationship with the U.S.

  • Examining the conflict in Yemen and the ongoing battle for LGBT equal rights in the United States.

  • Meathooked: Massive meat factory farms are springing up to supply the addiction of meat, especially pork and beef. But industrial meat operations produce more than just cheap T-bones; they also dish out enormous environmental harm. End of Water: Water is the single most vital resource we have, but the water we need is simply disappearing.

  • Doctors and researchers are making incredible strides in the fight against blindness. Small-scale weed farmers have been fighting to legalize marijuana for generations--but the closer they get to ending the prohibition on pot, the closer they get to a new threat: corporate takeover of their way of life.

  • Exploring the moral, political and personal questions raised by euthanasia.

  • Following the refugee trail from the Syrian border to Europe, meeting Syrians determined to find a better life.

  • Season Four Premiere. The fight against the terrorist group Boko Haram who are responsible for thousands of deaths in Nigeria. But is the hunt for insurgents causing as much harm as it's preventing? A new gene-editing method called CRISPR has made the process of gene-editing so astonishingly simple, it could reshape evolution as we know it.

  • Journalist Ben Anderson enters three front lines in Iraq, where Sunni, Shiite and Kurdish forces are battling the Islamic State.

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