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"John Wayne Wild Across the World!"
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  • 1964
  • 2 hr 15 min
  • 6.1  (2,940)

Circus World, released in 1964, is a Western drama directed by Henry Hathaway and starring John Wayne, Rita Hayworth and Claudia Cardinale. The film takes place in the late 1800s and centers around a struggling circus run by Matt Masters, played by John Wayne, who is trying to keep the show afloat despite a lack of funds and declining attendance. With his longtime friend and business partner, Cap Carson, played by Lloyd Nolan, they travel to Europe to find new acts and revitalize their show. Along the way, they encounter Toni Alfredo, played by Claudia Cardinale, a famous trapeze artist who joins the circus, and Lili Alfredo, played by Rita Hayworth, a former lover of Masters who re-enters his life.

The story is not only about the challenges of running a circus but also about the relationships and romantic tensions between the characters. The film explores the struggle of balancing work and personal life, as Masters is torn between his love for his ex-girlfriend, Lili, and his growing attraction to Toni, the trapeze artist. Additionally, the subplot of Carson's failing health adds emotional depth to the film.

The visually stunning circus performances are a highlight of the film. John Wayne, famous for his Western roles, notably performs as a clown in one of the circus acts. The film also boasts an impressive cast of supporting actors, including Richard Conte, John Smith, and Katherine Kath.

The cinematography is also noteworthy, with scenes shot on location in Spain and Italy, giving the film an authentic and immersive feel. The use of Technicolor and Circus World's impressive scope and scale make it a true spectacle to watch, both for fans of classic Hollywood and the circus itself.

Despite its grandeur, Circus World is a relatively straightforward and somewhat predictable drama, with a simple plot and characters that fall into recognizable archetypes. Nonetheless, it provides an entertaining and engaging viewing experience, particularly for fans of the Western genre and of classic Hollywood filmmaking.

Overall, Circus World is a visually stunning film that combines romance, drama, and circus performances, showcasing the talents of its star-studded cast. Though it may not be particularly groundbreaking or complex, it remains an enjoyable and impressive piece of filmmaking, particularly for those interested in the classic Hollywood era.

Circus World
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