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"Everything Seemed Perfect..."
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A college girl, Lisa, has big hopes of working at the school newspaper. Her mother suggests she join a sorority to make herself look better on paper. She applies to the most prestigious sorority on campus, knowing she will have to endure hazing before being allowed into the group. She befriends a girl named Shelby. Later, Lisa refuses to run around naked as required by the sorority hazing, and so is absent when Shelby is killed by the sorority sisters, who make her climb out onto a water tower to hang a banner.

The sorority sisters attest that Shelby went up to the tower on her own, but Lisa finds out that she couldn't have been up there alone. She decides to begin an investigation into what really happens, but is blocked at every turn by the snobby sorority sisters. She is desperate to find out how her friend really died and hold the sisters accountable if they helped Shelby die, but the sorority is determined to keep their secret under wraps.

Not Rated
| 1997 | 2 hr | 5.5/10
Hilary Swank, Sarah Chalke, Jenna von Oÿ, Laurel Holloman
William A. Graham
Produced By
Gregory Prange, Randy Sutter

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