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Polly (Sarah Chalke), a divorced single mother, goes back home with her young daughter to live with her mother Elaine (Elizabeth Perkins) and step dad Max (Brad Garrett) in How to Live with Your Parents. Polly's ex-husband Julian (Jon Dore) is a frequent visitor at Max and Elaine's home. Julian considers Max and Elaine his parents also and keeps figuring out reasons to visit their home. Polly just goes about her business, ignoring her social life and concentrating on raising her daughter the best she can and working at a smoothie shop.

In the pilot episode, though, Polly is asked out on a date by one of her smoothie customers. Nervous about the first date after her divorce nearly a year earlier, Polly decides to accept the invitation and take the big step of restarting her social life. Polly, though, is nervous about leaving her daughter Natalie for the evening with her quirky and free-spirited mother and stepfather.

Before heading out on her date, Polly leaves Max and Elaine a list of rules and guidelines for babysitting Natalie. The list includes Natalie's favorite television shows, the phone number for Natalie's pediatrician and what time Natalie should be given a bath and be put to bed.

Polly's evening goes reasonably well except that her date makes the mistake of mixing alcohol with his medication and cannot drive home. Natalie drives the two of them back to her mother and step dad's house only to find Julian also there. The evening turns out to be a relative success when Julian helps bring Polly's date back to his house, Polly learns she can trust her parents with her daughter and discovers that she has taken a big step in coping with her new life as a divorced single mother living with her parents.

How to Live with Your Parents is a series that is currently running and has 1 seasons (13 episodes). The series first aired on April 3, 2013.

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1 Season, 13 Episodes
April 3, 2013
Cast: Orlando Jones, Elizabeth Perkins, Brad Garrett, Jon Dore, Sarah Chalke
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How to Live with Your Parents Full Episode Guide

  • Having always felt ordinary, Polly rallies her family to help Natalie get into the gifted Magnet program, only to discover she's gifted in her own way.

  • When Polly becomes the life of the party at Elaine's birthday lunch, Elaine starts to feel boring. Polly intervenes and suggests she audition for a movie to boost her ego. But Polly soon realizes she's fallen into an old pattern of putting her mother's dream before her own.

  • Max helps Polly learn to follow through with things -- like Groupons that she amassed while coping with her separation from Julian.

  • Polly attempt for Natalie to fit at her new school turns sour when she arranges a playdate and Elaine tries to steal the show.

  • Elaine and Max intervene when Polly is hesitant to put herself up for a promotion and Natalie announces she's playing a "hillside" in the school play.

  • Max is anxious about the opening of his second comedy club, resulting in tension between him and Polly.

  • In her effort to be independent, Polly decides to go back to school and make something of herself.

  • Natalie persuades Polly into helping Julian find a date.

  • Elaine and Max offer to babysit so Polly can go out with Scott, but they soon learn a lesson in parenting when Natalie disappears.

  • Natalie invents a bully as a way of dealing with her parent's divorce.

  • The family celebrate the Academy Awards - which is treated as their favorite holiday.

  • When Polly injures herself while training for a 5K, her parents step in to take care of Natalie. Elaine finds herself in an awkward situation with Natalie's classmates when they ask her to explain heaven and religion.

  • If you think visiting your parents is painful, try moving back in with them. Sometimes you have to move home to move on, and that's what Polly is about to do.

How to Live with Your Parents News

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Polly realizes that by indulging Natalie so much, she has given her all the power; Max and Elaine lose their granddaughter at a festival.

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Polly and Julian realize they haven't been open with Natalie when their daughter makes up an imaginary bully for more attention.

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When Polly runs into an old crush, she invites him to her family's over-the-top Academy Awards party... but pretends that she is not a divorced mom living with her parents.

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Polly decides she needs to run a 5K to reignite the missing spark in her life... but when she hurts her back, she becomes reliant on Max and Elaine to help with Natalie, since they both insist Julian not be involved.

'How To Live With Your Parents For The Rest of Your Life' 'Pilot' Recap

In the pilot episode we meet Polly and her daughter Natalie, who have moved back in with Polly's parents after she left her husband Julian. Polly attempts to go on a date and entrusts her parents to care for her daughter.