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  • PG-13
  • 1990
  • 1 hr 49 min
  • 5.3  (253)

Fools of Fortune is an emotionally complex and beautifully crafted historical drama directed by Pat O'Connor. The movie, set in Ireland and spanning 60 years of history, delves into themes of love, loyalty, revenge, and the impact of war on individuals and families. The movie follows the life of Willie Dunne (Iain Glen), a young Irish boy who witnesses the murder of his parents by British soldiers during the Easter Rising in 1916. Willie is taken in by his wealthy Protestant neighbors, the Quintons, and grows up alongside their daughter Marianne (Mary Elizabeth Mastrantonio). The Quintons consider themselves charitable, but their upbringing forces them to maintain an upper-class lifestyle, suppressing their sympathy for the Irish independence movement.

As the years go by, Willie and Marianne fall in love, but their relationship is put to the test when Willie, now a member of the Irish Republican Army, is arrested and sent to a British concentration camp during World War II. Meanwhile, Marianne marries the wealthy Englishman Henry Allingham (Sean T. McLory) out of convenience, but it's a loveless marriage filled with secrets and lies.

The story is framed by Marianne's elderly self (portrayed by Saffron Burrows), who is undergoing a heart surgery in the present day. As she navigates between reality and memories, she reflects on the experiences that shaped her life and the horrific consequences of her family's actions towards Willie's family.

The acting in Fools of Fortune is outstanding, particularly by Iain Glen and Mary Elizabeth Mastrantonio. Glen is stunning as the tortured Willie, turning in an incredibly nuanced and deeply felt performance, while Mastrantonio brings a quiet dignity and depth to her role as Marianne. Sean T. McLory is equally impressive as Henry, who embodies the conflict of the British aristocracy's relationship with their Irish counterparts.

The film overall features exquisite cinematography, particularly in capturing the bleak landscapes of rural Ireland and the inner turmoil of its characters. The score composed by Hans Zimmer adds to the haunting and melancholic atmosphere of the movie.

At its core, Fools of Fortune is an intimate story about how socio-political tensions can bring about tragic consequences on a personal level. It offers an insightful, sometimes brutal, examination of the Irish/English conflict, and does so while never losing sight of the humanity at its center.

Fools of Fortune is an engrossing and heart-wrenching drama that tackles challenging themes with depth and intelligence, and is a must-watch for anyone looking for a poignant and thought-provoking historical drama.

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