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"The mind sets limitations. The heart surpasses them."
  • R
  • 1987
  • 6.8  (787)

Gaby: A True Story, released in 1987, is a biographical film that tells the inspirational journey of a young Mexican woman named Gabriela Brimmer. The story begins in the 1940s, when Gaby is born with cerebral palsy in a wealthy family in Mexico City. Despite the odds, Gaby's mother Nitzia (played by Norma Aleandro) raises her with love and support, refusing to send her to an institution as advised by doctors.

As Gaby grows up, she becomes increasingly determined to live a normal life and challenge society's expectations towards disabled people. Her charismatic personality and sharp mind attract the attention of a tutor, Mary (played by Liv Ullmann), who discovers Gaby's talent for writing and encourages her to pursue a career as a writer.

With Mary's help, Gaby begins attending university and meets a group of activists who fight for the rights of disabled people. Gaby becomes involved in their cause, advocating for better access to education, healthcare, and employment for disabled Mexicans. The film portrays the struggles and discrimination that Gaby and her friends face in their fight for equality, highlighting the intersectionality of their disabilities with poverty, gender, and race.

Despite facing numerous obstacles, Gaby defies expectations and becomes a successful writer, publishing her autobiography 'Siempre Adelante' (Always Forward) in 1976. The film celebrates Gaby's achievements and the impact she had on the disability rights movement in Mexico and beyond. It depicts her as a fierce and compassionate human being who never let her disability define her or limit her aspirations.

The acting in Gaby: A True Story is exceptional, with Rachel Chagall giving an outstanding performance as Gaby. Chagall, who herself has cerebral palsy, brings authenticity and nuance to the character, conveying Gaby's emotional range and intelligence through her physical limitations. Norma Aleandro and Liv Ullmann deliver equally compelling performances as Gaby's mother and mentor, respectively. The chemistry between the three actresses is palpable and adds depth to the relationships portrayed in the film.

The cinematography and soundtrack are also noteworthy, capturing the vibrant and colorful atmosphere of Mexico City in the 1940s and 50s. The film uses original footage of Gaby and her friends, as well as recreations of important events in her life, to create a sense of realism and historical accuracy.

Overall, Gaby: A True Story is a powerful and inspiring film that sheds light on the often-overlooked struggles of disabled people and their fight for autonomy and dignity. It is a testament to the strength of the human spirit and the power of love and friendship to overcome adversity.

Gaby: A True Story
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