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  • 1935
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In Caliente is a romantic comedy musical film that was released in 1935. The movie is directed by Lloyd Bacon and stars Dolores del Rio, Pat O'Brien, and Leo Carrillo. The film is set in the fictional country of Barandistan, where the country's financial situation is in dire straits. The wealthy citizens of Barandistan are failing to pay their taxes, and the government is running out of money to fund their public services. The country also has an outdated and conservative outlook on life and entertainment, which is a big problem for the American newspaper editor, Larry MacArthur (Pat O'Brien).

Larry MacArthur, in an attempt to boost his newspaper subscriptions, creates a scandalous headline that reads, "The World Needs a Melting Pot." MacArthur believes that Barandistan needs to be modernized and open to new ideas, especially those related to dance and music. His goal is to convince the wealthy elite to start paying their taxes by hosting a musical extravaganza.

To achieve his goal, MacArthur hires the beautiful and talented dancer, Dolores Gomez (Dolores del Rio), to perform at the event. Dolores is the embodiment of beauty and grace and is the perfect person for the job. She travels to Barandistan with MacArthur and is welcomed with open arms by the country's leader, Pancho (Leo Carrillo), who is smitten with her.

Dolores tries to introduce the people of Barandistan to modernized and riskier entertainment. However, she runs into trouble with the conservative values of the people. She has to battle a number of issues before the extravaganza, including navigating the local customs, dealing with a jealous girlfriend of Pancho, and convincing the wealthy elite to part with their money.

In Caliente is a movie that is full of fun and entertainment. The music and dance scenes are absolutely mesmerizing, and Dolores del Rio's performance is excellent. The film is a vibrant and colorful affair that gives us a glimpse of the world of entertainment of the early 1930s. The movie is also revealing in how it reflects the social realities of its time - it satirizes the snobbish and conservative attitudes of the upper class, and promotes diversity and forward-thinking values.

The humor is subtle but prevalent throughout the film, and there is never a dull moment. The acting is superb, with each character playing their part perfectly - Pat O'Brien's MacArthur is witty and charming, Leo Carrillo's Pancho is naive and funny, and Dolores del Rio's Dolores Gomez is elegant and captivating. Together, they create a fun and lighthearted movie that stands the test of time.

In Caliente also boasts of some great musical numbers. The dance scenes are a treat to watch, with performers resplendent in colorful costumes, shaking to catchy beats, and the background score that's absolutely thrilling. The songs are lively, and they bring to life the mood and atmosphere of the film perfectly. The choreography is impressive, with each dance performance exceptionally choreographed, and the sets are also impressive.

Overall, In Caliente is a delightful classic movie that still manages to entertain audiences today. The movie showcases the talent of the performers, the innovative direction, the great music, and the fascinating storyline. In Caliente is a must-watch classic film for anyone mad about music and dance, as well as to anyone who loves romantic comedies.

In Caliente
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