"Fight against terrorism!"

The movie Karma is mainly focused around a terrorist by the name of Michael. Michael is placed in a state prison where he shortly escapes with the help of his collaborators. Once he is free, Michael devotes his freedom to taking his revenge on a jail guard named Vishwa, who guarded him during his prison stay. Michael begins his revenge by finding and killing Vishwa's grandchildren. Despite the efforts of the police, they are unable to stop him, leaving Vishwa to seek revenge on his own. Vishwa takes a few death row inmates and turns them into well trained manhunters to find and take down Michael.

Not Rated
| 1986 | 3 hr 14 min | 7.4/10
Dilip Kumar, Nutan, Naseeruddin Shah, Jackie Shroff
Subhash Ghai
Produced By
Subhash Ghai
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