Emperor of the North

"If you can ride Shack's Train and Live - You'll be..."
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Emperor of the North is an American drama movie that was written by Christopher Knopf. Directed by Robert Aldrich, the movie features Lee Marvin, Keith Carradine and Ernest Borgnine. The story follows sadistic railroad conductor, Shack, who has been taking it upon himself to physically remove hobos who try to ride the train. Shack uses an assortment of weapons to get them off the train, such as a steel rod, hammer and a chain.

A-No.1 is a hero hobo who manages to get aboard the train with Cigaret, a younger hobo. When the train stops, A-No.1 is able to evade Shack and escape, but Cigaret gets caught. Shack threatens to murder Cigaret who has begun to brag that he got his ride all by himself.

Shack gets distracted after getting a message that A-No.1 - whom he is aware of by his stellar reputation). He has told everyone that he will be the first and only hobo able to ride on Shack's train on an entire trip to Portland.

The rest of the hobos decide to designate the first hobo who successfully rides Shack's train as the Emperor of the North Pole. Locals place bets on whether or not A-No.-1 will be able to do it.

A-No.1 hops aboard the train and proceeds to do everything in his power to stay away from Shack. He pulls a few pranks with other hobos. He tries to get rid of Cigaret, who keeps tagging along and making a pest of himself. Shack ejects them off the train, but they get aboard a passenger train that gets past Shack and ride into Salem, Oregon.

The two are able to reboard Shack's train in Salem. They have a huge fight with wood planks, heavy chains and an ax. A-No.1 holds Shack hostage, but rather than kill him - throws him off the train. Then he throws of Cigaret when he brags about defeating Shack.

| 1973 | 1 hr 58 min | 7.3/10
Lee Marvin, Ernest Borgnine, Keith Carradine, Charles Tyner
Robert Aldrich
Produced By
Stanley Hough, Kenneth Hyman
Emperor of the North
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