La Luna

"Catherine & her son share a desire that will shock you."
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The film entitled la Luna is about the challenges of Joe. Joe is a young boy in his teens whose mother is a popular musician called Caterina. Caterina at the time is married to Douglas Winter and Joe thinks Douglas is his real father. However Joe’s father is a man who was Caterina’s lover even though she was still married to Douglas. Joe’s father is now based in Italy and works as a teacher in a school.

Joe is a very gloomy and stubborn boy who needs parents who are stern and strict to be able to put him under control. Douglas is however is very weak and not able to control Joe as the boy is too much for him to handle. Not long after, Douglas dies and this weakens and devastates Joe. Caterina then decides to relocate to Italy with Joe so as to continue and expand her music career and also get over the grief of her husband’s death. Caterina’s plans do not work well for her as Joe gets to Italy and joins a group of guys who introduce him to drugs and he later becomes addicted to them.

Caterina becomes helpless and tries everything she can to convince her son to stop taking drugs and concentrate on living a healthy life. She even begs the guy who supplies Joe with the drugs so he will stop giving him supplies. On one occasion Caterina even sleeps with her son to make him stay away from the drugs. When all her efforts fail, she decides that they should leave Italy and go back home where they will be closer to family. At the end, Caterina and Joe come across Joe’s biological father and the three of them reconcile.

The main characters in the film include Jill Clayburgh starring as Caterina, Matthew Barry starring as Joe, Fred Gwynne starring as Douglas.

| 1979 | 2 hr 22 min | 6.5/10
Jill Clayburgh, Matthew Barry, Veronica Lazar, Renato Salvatori
Bernardo Bertolucci
Produced By
Giovanni Bertolucci
La Luna
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