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"When she married Jeb Stuart Thompson, she didn't know what was expected of her. Now she knew."
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  • 1970
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Last of the Mobile Hot Shots is a drama film directed by Sidney Lumet and released in 1970. The movie is based on the play titled "The Seven Descents of Myrtle" by Tennessee Williams. The film revolves around a family feud that takes place in the Southern United States, and stars James Coburn as Jeb, Lynn Redgrave as Myrtle, and Robert Hooks as Chicken.

The storyline of the movie is centered on the troubled marriage of Myrtle and Jeb. The couple lives in a remote mansion in the Southern United States, where they maintain a lavish lifestyle using the inheritance money of Myrtle's late father. However, the couple is heavily in debt and their relationship is strained due to Jeb's alcoholism and unfaithfulness.

As the story unfolds, the couple's relationship becomes even more complicated when Myrtle invites her childhood friend Chicken to stay with them. Chicken, a black man, is a strong-willed and independent person who does not hesitate to speak his mind on the racial tension that exists in the South. The arrival of Chicken ignites a feud between him and Jeb, which eventually leads to a violent confrontation that shatters the superficial harmony of the family.

Throughout the course of the film, the three main characters interact with each other in various situations, revealing the complexities of their personalities and relationships. Jeb, a former pilot in the military, is portrayed as a charismatic but self-destructive person who is addicted to alcohol and women. Myrtle, on the other hand, is depicted as a naive and fragile woman, who is trapped in a loveless marriage and forced to endure Jeb's constant infidelity. Chicken acts as a catalyst in the story, challenging the traditional Southern values and norms that the other characters uphold.

Apart from the main characters, the film also includes several supporting actors who play crucial roles in the plot. For example, the family doctor, Dr. T. Bassett Oliver (played by Robert Quarry), represents the old Southern values of gentility and politeness, but also harbors a hidden desire for Myrtle. Another important character is Chicken's lover, Reeve Scott (played by Louise Latham), who is a white woman and an advocate for racial equality.

The film's cinematography is noteworthy for its use of wide-angle lenses, which capture the vastness of the Southern landscape and the grandeur of the mansion where the story takes place. Additionally, the film's soundtrack, composed by Quincy Jones, adds a layer of emotional depth to the scenes, with its blend of jazz, rock, and blues music.

Overall, Last of the Mobile Hot Shots is a powerful drama that explores themes of love, betrayal, and racial tension in the South. The film's strong performances by James Coburn, Lynn Redgrave, and Robert Hooks, combined with Sidney Lumet's direction, make it a timeless classic of American cinema.

Last of the Mobile Hot Shots
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