Lloyd's of London

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This film tells about the history of the insurance company Lloyd's of London. It is a story of two people, one of whom is a historical figure - Admiral Nelson. Two teenage boys, Jonathan Blake and Horatio Nelson, penetrate a ship, thinking that it is a pirate ship. They turn witness the collusion of the team that conspired to sink the ship, and to capture the cargo of gold. These friends decided to walk 100 miles to distant London in order to tell the owner of the ship about the treachery of his team.

But in the morning, Horatio was taken as cabin boy on a ship, and Jonathan has to make the trip alone. Only in London does he learn that Lloyd's is not a person, but the insurance company.

| 1936 | 1 hr 55 min | 6.9/10
Freddie Bartholomew, Madeleine Carroll, Guy Standing, Tyrone Power
Twentieth Century Fox
Henry King
Produced By
Darryl F. Zanuck, Kenneth Macgowan
Lloyd's of London
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Also starring Madeleine Carroll