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"All's fair in love and basketball."

Love and Basketball is a great romance. There is an African American boy and an African American girl. Both of them are neighbors and they love to play basketball. They ride the bus together and everything of the sorts. Things are going good and they start to date. Both of them play high school basketball. They get accepted into the same college and one plays for the boys team and the other the girls team. Things got hard while they were dating though. They found it hard to keep dating with the pressures of being athletes in a community college. When you have that, you see that it depends on the person as to how they handle things. Their whole life is about basketball.

While the girl keeps playing and puts all her energy to earn her spot, the guy whose father was a NBA champ thinks that he can just play the field. He finds out while he is in college that his father had an affair while he was on the field playing ball. However, he doesn't take the news very well. He starts partying hard and starts sleeping with girls. He starts cheating on the girl he started dating since high school. She ends it. She goes on with her life and starts playing overseas. The girl that they had kicked off the team in college whose spot she took is playing in the same league, but for a different country. She finds that she's missing out on love, she doesn't want only basketball.

Later down the road, he tears his ACL. it's a bad thing that goes on. When that happens, his career in basketball is over, but he has met a woman. He has surgery for his knee and his ex goes to visit him. He tells her that he's getting married. He has met someone and she gets to meet her as well.

When that happens, the old feelings for him rise. This was the man that she had given her virginty to. She ends up playing a game of basketball with him. If she wins he gives in and takes her and marries her. If she loses, she walks away. She wins. They have a wonderful life together. You find that she goes all the way to the top with her basketball career as does he because she didn't let him give up.

| 2000 | 2 hr 4 min | 7.2/10
Gina Prince-Bythewood
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Love and Basketball

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