"Randy Bodek has no idea how to treat a woman . . . but he's working on it."
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The film Loverboy of 1989 is a comedy that centers around a young pizza delivery boy that delivers more than just pizza. It is the lack of funding for college which has forced this college sophomore, Randy, to expand his horizons and start an adventure in to the crazy world of pizza delivery. Anchovies are those little, salty fish morsels which are becoming more than just a popular pizza topping at the local Senor Pizza restaurant. Not long after Randy starts delivering pizzas the phones at the small pizza shop start to ring off of the hooks. It is not a big coincidence that some very specific customers are demanding that only Randy deliver their extra anchovy pizzas to them. While he delivers more than just pizza to these specific customers Randy also learns about life in the process.

As Randy climbs the popularity ladder at work he is trying to hold on to the one true relationship he has with his girlfriend Jenny. It becomes a difficult task for Randy to keep everything together when every order of extra anchovies has him facing yet another lonely housewife. Jenny is kept in the dark about what truly happens during Randy's work shifts, and for some unknown reason, he keeps her away from his parents as well. His less than stellar behavior has caused his parents worry, and not that he is just lazy and will not achieve any goals in life, but that he is a homosexual as well.

While Randy wants to walk away from the crazy life of a pizza boy turned escort, he keeps getting pulled back in by his boss, and friends. The peer pressure works until Randy has the privilege of being face to face with those lonely wives' husbands, and it all hits the fan.

| 1989 | 1 hr 38 min | 6.1/10 | 36/100
Patrick Dempsey, Kate Jackson, Robert Ginty, Nancy Valen
Crescent Film Enterprises
Joan Micklin Silver
Produced By
Gary Foster, Willie Hunt
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