Odds Against Tomorrow

"He knew where $50,000 lay begging to be STOLEN!"
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This is a crime thriller movie about a former police officer who decides to make fast money. David Burke is a former police officer. He was disgraced and kicked off the force. He is now at loose ends and needs money to survive. He plans to do this by robbing a bank. He needs help with his plan, so he pressures a pair of other men to throw in with him.

His associates are an ex-convict named Slater and a black entertainer named Ingram who has debt problems. Burke doesn’t like or respect his colleagues. He hates blacks and ex-cons, but he must rely on both to be a successful bank robber.

| 1959 | 1 hr 35 min | 7.4/10
Harry Belafonte, Robert Ryan, Shelley Winters, Ed Begley
HarBel Productions
Robert Wise
Produced By
Robert Wise, Co-producer:, Harry Belafonte
Odds Against Tomorrow
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