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Red Sands is a frightening thriller film set in Afghanistan. The movies focuses on a unit of the American military that has been sent on what seems to be a simple and somewhat boring mission. The unit has been told that they must journey to an isolated farmhouse. The farmhouse may be a supply transfer spot for the enemy, and the unit’s job is to monitor both the house and the nearby road.

As the unit travels to the farmhouse, they come across a small shrine. Wilcox, the unit’s interpreter, tells the group that it is most likely a shrine to a Djinn. He describes how the native people believed that the Djinns were powerful and dangerous spirits that hated humans. The native people believe that most of the Djinns fled the world but that some still reside in sacred vessels. The story of the Djinns does not have too much effect on the unit. Out of boredom, one member of the unit shoots at a statue, breaking it into pieces.

The unit arrives at the farmhouse. However, right away, strange occurrences begin happening. Sandstorms rage around the house. Strange messages are heard over the radio. The wiring in the unit’s truck is mysteriously ruined. Things take an even stranger turn when members of the unit begin disappearing. When Wilcox turns up dead, the unit must begin to reconsider their options. As they think about the frightening things that have been happening to them, they begin to believe that a Djinn was released from the statue that was destroyed. The angry Djinn is now taking revenge on them.

The group quickly realizes that they must do everything they can to survive. However, because they are being hunted by a monster they can’t see, panic is never far away. The sanity of the group begins to erode. Staying alive is now the only goal the group has.

| 2009 | 1 hr 28 min | 4.3/10
Shane West, Leonard Roberts, Aldis Hodge, Callum Blue
Alex Turner

Also directed by Alex Turner (II), Alex Turner

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