The Interns

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The Interns is a 1962 American medical melodrama. It set the stage for the television melodramas as one of the most popular forms of television entertainment. Michael Callan and Cliff Robertson star in the leading roles, Telly Savalas and Buddy Ebsen are featured in supporting roles. Savalas and Ebson portray the senior surgeons who tutor the young interns.

The story centers around a young intern named John Paul Otis torn between a desire for a medical career and his love for a young model named Lisa Cardigan. He steals pills from the hospital for Lisa. Lew Worship is another young intern who is torn between his friendship for Otis and the compulsion to turn him in.

1962 | 2 hr | 6.6/10
Michael Callan, Cliff Robertson, James MacArthur, Nick Adams
David Swift
The Interns
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Also starring Michael Callan