The Shooting Of Thomas Hurndall

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  • TV-14
  • 2009
  • 1 hr 31 min
  • 6.8  (206)

The Shooting of Thomas Hurndall is a heart-wrenching and somber film that portrays the true story of a young British peace activist who was shot in Gaza in 2003. The movie is a biographical drama that tells the story of Thomas Hurndall, a 22-year-old photography student who traveled to Gaza in 2003 as a peace activist. Stephen Dillane plays the role of Tony Hurndall, Thomas's father, who makes it his mission to uncover the truth about what happened to his son.

The story of Thomas Hurndall's murder is told through a series of flashbacks as his father travels to Gaza to dig deep into the case. The film shows the complicated political situation in Israel, Palestine, and Gaza, where a fragile peace exists amidst ongoing conflict. The Hurndall family struggles to come to terms with the loss of their son, while Tony Hurndall finds himself banging his head against a wall in his quest for justice.

Zidane Awad delivers a powerful performance as one of the Palestinian gunmen involved in the shooting of Thomas. The film is not just a commentary on the conflict in the Middle East but also a powerful statement on the need for justice and accountability. It explores the importance of standing up for what is right, even in the face of overwhelming adversity.

Kerry Fox is excellent as the human rights lawyer who helps Tony Hurndall in his quest for justice. The two of them work together to uncover the truth about Thomas's murder, putting pressure on the Israeli authorities to take action against those responsible. The film also highlights the plight of the Palestinian people living under Israeli occupation, and the seemingly endless cycle of violence that has characterized the conflict.

The picture was shot in a documentary-style, which adds to the film's realism and makes the audience feel like they are watching a true-life story unfold. The movie also shows how Thomas's death affected the people around him, including his girlfriend, sister, and mother. The impact of his death ripples through the lives of those who knew him, and his family's fight for justice becomes a tribute to his memory.

One of the film's most striking aspects is the way it handles the ethics and morality of the situation. It depicts the Hurndall family's struggle to come to terms with the fact that their son was killed at a young age, while also questioning whether or not his death was justified. Tony Hurndall remains relentless in his search for the truth, making the film a moving story of a father's determination to get justice for his son.

In conclusion, The Shooting of Thomas Hurndall is a raw and unflinching portrayal of a tragic event that will leave you with a sense of deep empathy for the Hurndall family. The film does an excellent job of holding up a mirror to the ongoing conflict in the Middle East, highlighting the human cost of a war that has raged for decades. The performances by the cast are outstanding, particularly Stephen Dillane, Zidane Awad, and Kerry Fox. The cinematography is stark and honest, making it feel like you are watching real events unfold. Overall, it is a deeply affecting movie that will stay with you long after the credits roll.

The Shooting Of Thomas Hurndall
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