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"A sure thing comes once in a lifetime... but the real thing lasts forever."
  • PG-13
  • 1985
  • 1 hr 40 min
  • 7.0  (22,020)
  • 76

The Sure Thing is a classic romantic comedy film from 1985 that tells the story of two college students who are complete opposites of each other. The film is directed by Rob Reiner and stars John Cusack as Walter Gibson, a lonely college student who is obsessed with every aspect of his life, from his grades to his relationships. Walter is a bookworm and a nerd who seldom ventures out of his comfort zone. On the other hand, Daphne Zuniga plays Alison Bradbury, a beautiful and confident girl who's popular among her peers, with a sharp sense of humor and a rebellious streak. Alison is everything that Walter isn't, and this clash of personalities forms the basis of this entertaining film.

The plot of The Sure Thing begins with Walter struggling to come to terms with his recent breakup from his long-time girlfriend. He is depressed and unable to focus on his studies, so his best friend, played by Anthony Edwards, suggests that Walter should take his mind off things by going on a road trip with him to California. Walter is hesitant, but when he learns that there is a 'Sure Thing' waiting for him in California, he decides to embark on a journey.

The 'Sure Thing,' as Walter learns, is a beautiful blonde girl with whom he shares a common interest in literature. She has a boyfriend and is thousands of miles away. But, Walter believes that fate will bring him closer to the girl of his dreams. However, his hopes are crushed when he discovers that he is paired with Alison on the same road trip. Alison is headed to California to see her boyfriend, and Walter is horrified at the thought of spending hours in a car with a girl who's his complete opposite.

As the road trip progresses, the tension between Alison and Walter reaches new heights. They argue and bicker, with Walter acting like a complete dork, while Alison tries to bring him out of his shell. Eventually, Walter realizes that he has the hots Alison, and the two share an intimate moment. But their budding romance is soon derailed when they end up spending the night in a sleazy motel, and Alison starts to regret her decision to get involved with Walter.

The rest of the film revolves around Walter's attempts to win Alison back and improve on his relationships with those around him. He learns to be more confident and outgoing, and Alison learns to appreciate the nerdier things in life. Throughout the film, there are many hilarious scenes, including Walter's encounter with a drunken truck driver, and his run-in with a group of frat boys. The Sure Thing is a classic road trip movie, with an added twist of romance, and it is one that will leave viewers feeling warm and fuzzy inside.

In terms of acting, John Cusack and Daphne Zuniga have fantastic chemistry, and they carry the movie with their performances. Anthony Edwards is also excellent as Walter's best friend, and there are some notable cameos by Tim Robbins and Viveka Davis. The film's soundtrack is another highlight, with some catchy tunes from the 1980s.

Overall, The Sure Thing is a delightful romantic comedy film that stands the test of time. It's funny, heartwarming, and has two great leads that the audience will root for. With its iconic scenes, quotable lines, and enduring charm, The Sure Thing is one of the funniest and sweetest romantic comedies of the 1980s, and it's a must-watch for anyone who loves a good road trip movie.

The Sure Thing
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