Walking Tall Part 2

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At what cost would you work to clean up the crime and corruption in your small town? Would you go it alone? The 1975 biographical action movie Walking Tall Part II continues to examine the life of Tennessee sheriff Buford Pusser, who strove to do just that in the late 1960s. After suffering the tragic loss of his beloved wife and almost losing his own life, Pusser sought re-election as the town sheriff. He made it his personal mission to continue his quest to take down the "redneck crime syndicate" and moonshiners who took so much away from him.

Bo Svenson picks up the role originally portrayed by Joe Don Baker. Baker took over when the real-life Buford Pusser was killed shortly after agreeing to play himself in the series. This film is the follow up to the 1973 hit Walking Tall and the prequel to Final Chapter: Walking Tall that was released in 1977.

| 1975 | 1 hr 49 min | 6.2/10
Bo Svenson, Luke Askew, John Davis Chandler, Robert DoQui
Bing Crosby Productions
Earl Bellamy
Produced By
Charles A. Pratt
Walking Tall Part 2
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