13 Fear Is Real

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13 contestants battle it out to win the prize money. They must compete against each other in order eliminate other contestants. They must complete situations that are straight out of horror movies. Will the fear be too much or will a winner take home the cash?

The CW
1 Season, 8 Episodes
January 7, 2009
Cast: Erica Renee Davis, Ted Kirner, Melyssa Nocar, Adam Wood
13 Fear Is Real

13 Fear Is Real Full Episode Guide

  • Three remain for the final execution ceremony where one will survive and win $66,666.

  • The surviving contestants must escape from straight jackets and a room full of horrors.

  • The contestants finally learn who the killer is once they get to the slaughter house. The killer tries to get to someone else but the unlucky victim tries to form a team in order to protect their place in the competition.

  • The contestants still left in the competition are taken to an old school where they must live and follow the tasks set out by the mastermind. Also, the secret identity of the killer finally comes to light.

  • A military fort is the next location for the contestants where they argue who the killer might be. After that, they decide to go in search of ghosts.

  • Despite being the middle of the day, a killer has struck, leaving behind a bloody glove. the contestants are sent on a scavenger hunt where 2 of the players nearly face execution.

  • When a killer is wrongly accused by one of the contestants, he is punished by the mastermind, causing a high alert for everyone. One contestant struggles to stay afloat in this week's ritual. Two players are sent to the execution room where they are left with some rats.

  • Two contestants are buried alive in the Louisiana Bayou.